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Arrow – S2E15 – The Promise

Previously, on Arrow: “Time of Death

This episode starts just where last week’s left off, with Slade standing in the Queens’ living room making small talk. Well, small talk and thinly veiled threats.

Arrow | Training

These segue nicely into a montage of Oliver and Slade training on a beach that is definitely a Chinese island and not at all British Columbia. Sara and Oliver decide to burn the Mirakuru, and Slade agrees, a little too easily. Sara tells Oliver that when they attack the ship he has to kill Ivo, or he’ll poison Slade against him. She also tells him that if she doesn’t survive to tell her parents that she died in the original shipwreck.

Oliver has a nightmare of Shado blaming him for her death. It’s upsetting and all, but I’m just glad to have Celina Jade back, even if it is only briefly. When Oliver wakes up they head off to attack the ship.

Arrow | Island

On said ship, Ivo has a prisoner strapped down in a chair, and is about to cut his eye out. For science!

In a callback to the pilot, Oliver shoots a flaming arrow into a pyre. Or, at least, he tries to, but misses the first shot. He hangs around by the fire until some guards arrive (calling into question the necessity of lighting it with an arrow). He trips running from the guards and gets thrown back in his old cell on the ship. Ivo straps Oliver down and injects him with truth serum. Boy this was a long flashback!

Arrow | The Promise

Back in the present day, Thea comes home, and the whole family take Slade on a tour around the house.

More flashbacks! Ivo is questioning Oliver. He tells him that Sara and Slade are in the engine room. Luckily, we learn (in a flashback within a flashback) that he’s already taken some of Sara’s patented truth serum blocker, and getting captured was all part of the plan.

Arrow | Archery

Roy is practicing his archery shirtless (that’s how people lose nipples!) – when Oliver surreptitiously calls Felicity. Sara recognises the voice on the phone as Slade’s, and the gang pull out the big guns and head to the Queen house.

Back on the ship, Sara frees all of the prisoners. Unfortunately, she used to work for Ivo, and one of the big dudes does not have fond memories of her. He starts to choke her, but she is saved by a nice missionary. Ivo calls up his obviously addled ex wife to tell her that he’s found a cure for her illness, but is interrupted by Oliver exploding his way into the room.

Ivo baits Oliver into saying that Shado’s death was his fault, without realising that Slade is behind him. This makes Slade pretty mad, and he proceeds to beat the ever-loving crap out of Oliver and put him in a cell. Slade snaps the captain’s neck and takes command of the ship.

Arrow | CaptainArrow | ShotArrow | Anymore

Roy heads into the Queen house through the front door as Sara climbs in through the back. Realising that he’s outnumbered, Slade takes his leave. He has a friend incapacitate Diggle, who was waiting with a sniper’s rifle to take him out, and speeds off in a fancy car.

Sara and the other prisoners swim to shore, not realising that Oliver is still on the ship. Slade gives Ivo a gun and tells him to hold it to Oliver in the same way as he did Shado. He then proceeds to chop off the hand holding the gun.

Moira tells Oliver that if he’s going to be a dick to her guests then he shouldn’t come round to the house anymore. He leaves, without noticing that Slade has placed cameras all around the house.

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