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Arrow – S2E16 – Suicide Squad

Arrow | Suicide Squad

Previously, on Arrow: “The Promise

We open with Oliver having a nightmare about Shado, as he is wont to do. He wakes up and leaves Sara sleeping to go make a call to his Russian Mafia pals. He asks them to help him find Slade. When the head honcho (December to all those Fringe fans out there) demands that Oliver lend them his services in exchange for their help – a pretty reasonable request if you ask me – he proceeds to beat up the goons and force them to help at gunpoint. He is not coping well with the Slade situation. When Oliver gets back to the Arrow Cave, Sara is waiting for him. She asks if he’s okay, and the answer is not reassuring.

Diggle is sitting outside of Felicity’s house, in an as non-stalkery a way as possible. She comes out (in her adorable pjs) to tell him to go home, because if Slade Wilson wants to snap her neck nothing is going to stop him. Comforting stuff.

Diggle heads over to Lyla’s hotel for sexy times. Get some Dig-man!

We get a flashback, but not to the island. This time it’s Diggle on his deployment, capturing a terrorist called Gholem. Back in the present day, Amanda Waller calls in Lyla, and Diggle, for a mission. They need his help to get the Suicide Squad into a position to retrieve some nerve gas from Gholem. Some familiar faces make up the squad: Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Shrapnel. Diggle is not altogether pleased with this situation.

Arrow | Harley Quinn

Arrow | Therapist...Huge Harley Quinn cameo in this episode, but she’s not on the team… yet…

Felicity sends Oliver out to stop a crime in progress. When he arrives he finds that Slade has left him a present – a mask with an arrow through it.

Diggle has the team assembled in the not-at-all fake country of Markovia. They fake an assassination attempt to get Diggle in Gholem’s good graces. In the process, Shrapnel attempts to escape, only to be killed by an implant in his head.

Arrow | Waller and Diggle.

Oliver collects some info from his Russian ex-friends. On the way back Sara meets up with him. He pulls a classic self-sacrificing hero move and breaks up with her for her own protection.

Arrow | Breakup

Deadshot sneaks in to the Gholem party using fake fingerprints. You know who I’d pick to go under cover – anyone but the guy with the eye patch. It’s also very weird having two white guys with eye patches on the show at the same time. Really writers, it’s a bit much.

Sara and Laurel are having virgin martinis at the club when Oliver arrives. Laurel tells him to pull his head out of his arse and let himself be happy. He heads downstairs and Felicity lets him know that she has found a location for Slade. She wants to call in for backup but Oliver refuses to put any of the others in danger.

When he arrives at the location there is no Slade, just a dead Russian with an arrow through the eye. He returns to the lair and makes up with Sara. Aw.

Arrow | Diggle and Deadshot.

Deadshot sneaks off from the gala. He is about to retrieve the nerve agent when he finds out it is much too big to extract. Lyla and Diggle realise that Waller knew all along that it was too big to retrieve and has sent a drone strike to their location. They disobey orders and get everyone out of the building, and Diggle heads to save Deadshot. He wants to stick around and die, but Diggle reminds him about his daughter. They drive out of there but the drone starts to follow them. They dig the tracking chip out of Deadshot’s neck just in time to stop from being blown up, much to Waller’s displeasure.

Oliver goes by to visit Amanda Waller. He tells her that Slade is still alive. She realises that he might have something to do with a new mercenary who has just come into town. They have given him the appropriately sinister title of Deathstroke.

Arrow | Mask

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