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Arrow – S2E18 – Deathstroke

Previously, on Arrow: “Birds of Prey

Thea is in the car with Slade. They have a nice chat about heartbreak before she realises that he has taken her to somewhere that is definitely not her house. He stops the car and tells her to get out. She runs and is grabbed by Sebastian Blood, who is dressed up in his creepy mask.

Back at the arrow cave Oliver is trying to teach Roy archery, but his head is not in the game. Felicity tells Oliver that he has to stop avoiding his day job and go to the QC board meeting. Moira comes to visit him to ask if he’s seen Thea. They are both a little too distracted snarking at one another to give too much thought to her whereabouts.

Arrow | Boardroom

The mayoral debate between Moira and Blood is on, but before they can really get going it’s interrupted by a hostage video of a tied up Thea.

In the chaos of trying to find Thea, Oliver appoints Isabel Rochev as temporary CEO of Queen Consolidated. There is no way that this can backfire.

On the island, Sara get’s Oliver’s Russian friend to help her extract some explosives from a mine. The plan is to attach them to Hendrick and use him to blow up the ship and take out Slade. Damn Sara, that is cold!

Felicity is able to find a location on Slade. They find him sitting waiting for them. Rather than kill him, they call Officer Lance and have him arrested. Unfortunately, he has an airtight alibi, which puts Lance in some professional hot water.

Oliver goes to chat to Slade in lockup, but he is released before he can get anything out of him. Team Arrow track him as he leaves the station, but he is able to lose them.

Arrow | Team Arrow

Slade sits down for a chat with Thea. He tells her that she’s free to go, but that if she does then she will never learn her brother’s secret.

Back in the Arrow Cave the gang are all a bit upset and taking it out on one another. Oliver comes back to find Sara with an arrow trained on Roy as he holds Diggle down against the table. Roy storms out of there.

On the island Slade brings Oliver in to exchange for Hendrick. With his mirakuru senses, Slade is able to smell the TNT strapped to Hendrick.

Isabel Rochev is working for Slade. In the confusion she has taken over his company. Oh, and she also knows martial arts. Oliver overpowers her and she tells him where Thea is being held. He storms in there but she’s already gone.

Arrow | Deathstroke

Slade, in full Deathstroke garb, stops a prisoner transport. He frees all of the prisoners, presumably so that they can work for him. Thea’s kidnapping was just a diversion, and she’s been released. Her homecoming is bittersweet however, as Slade has revealed her true patronage to her, and more importantly, who had been keeping it from her.

On the island Slade, at the urging of a Shado hallucination, decides that death is too good for Oliver and his friends, and leaves them to rot on the island.

Lance is arrested for consorting with vigilantes, even though his tip turned out to be correct. Sara is non-too-pleased.

Slade, Rochev and Blood are gathered in a dimly lit room to discuss villainous things. Blood is not too happy because Moira has gotten a bump in the polls from her daughter’s kidnapping. Roschev, on the other hand, is pretty thrilled to be CEO now, and is using QC to try and develop more mirakuru.

Laurel is in her apartment watching the news when Slade turns up. He isn’t here to hurt her, just to tell her that Oliver is the Arrow.

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