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Arrow – S2E19 – The Man Under the Hood

Previously, on Arrow: “Deathstroke

Arrow | The Man Under the Hood

Team Arrow – sans Roy – break into Queen Consolidated applied science division to get rid of anything that Isabel, and by extension, Slade, could use against them. They knock out the guards and get them out of there, before blowing the building sky high.

Laurel is finally putting the whole “Oliver is the Arrow” thing together. Well, after having it spelled out to her by Slade. She must feel really stupid (although not as much as she’ll feel when she finds out about Sara). She goes to visit her dad in lockup to ask if he knows who the Arrow is.

Oliver and Moira get a visit from their lawyer. Isabel Rochev may be many things, but what she isn’t is sloppy. Her takeover is pretty airtight. They need to get Thea’s signature in order to separate their assets from QC. Easier said than done. Moira also reveals that Isabel and Oliver’s father had a history. A romantic history. Oliver’s face is exactly the face of someone realising that they slept with their Father’s former mistress. Ew.

Back on the island, in order to stop Anatoli from taking his eye out, Ivo reveals that there is a cure for the Mirakuru.

The gang head downstairs to the Arrow cave to find Slade waiting for them in full Deathstroke gear. He beats the crap out of them, but leaves them alive.

Arrow | The Man Under the Hood

Laurel goes to visit Sara in the hospital where she is getting checked over after her “motorcycle accident”. The doctor tells her that he has never seen anyone with as much scar tissue as Sara. Cue a light bulb moment for Laurel.

Oliver goes to see Thea. She is particularly messed up about finding out that she is the daughter of two mass murderers. And also that she tried to kiss his half brother.

There are two quirky scientists chatting at a S.T.A.R. Labs storage area. They will no doubt be appearing in the upcoming Flash series. Deathstroke arrives to steal equipment. They manage to escape but Slade gets what he came for.

Felicity knows the scientists, Caitlin and Cisco, as they are two of the people looking after the comatose Barry Allen.

The machine that Slade stole will be able to make more Mirakuru using Slade’s blood. They decide that this will be the best time to launch an attack, as Slade will be weakened.

On the island, Ivo begs Sara for a quick death. He tells them that he has a serum on the freighter that can turn someone back to normal after being injected with the Mirakuru.

Oliver goes to visit Isabel at QC. She tells him that his dad was about to leave with her when Thea broke her arm and he had a change of heart. Apparently he knew that she wasn’t his daughter, but loved her anyway.

Lance is sitting in prison when a fellow prisoner steals a guard’s baton and puts him in the hospital.

Laurel organises a meeting with the Arrow. She is about to reveal what she knows about him when she gets a call from Sara telling her about her father’s injuries.

Laurel tells her dad that she knows who the Arrow is, but he doesn’t want to know. He tells her that it’s not what’s under the hood that matters. She tells the DA to drop all charges against her father or she’ll go out of her way to ruin the department.

Oliver finally gets his sister to talk to him, but they are interrupted by a call from Felicity, telling him that Slade has started up his machine. She tells Oliver to ignore it and stay with his sister, but he, of course, does the selfless thing and rushes off.

Unfortunately, when he arrives it’s not Slade who’s blood they are using, but Roy’s. As Oliver is pulling Roy out of the machine Isobel pulls a gun on him, but Diggle shoots her before she can pull the trigger.

Back on the island Oliver shoots Ivo so that Sara doesn’t have to, and they begin to hatch a plan to get back on the freighter.

Oliver tells Thea that their father knew that Thea wasn’t his biological kid and loved her anyway, but Thea is still pissed off.

Laurel drops by the club to give Oliver a hug, having decided to let him have his secret.

Isobel is not as dead as expected. It looks like Slade gave her some Mirakuru to save her life. His prisoner soldiers are also up and running. Shit will most definitely be hitting the fan in the next 4 weeks leading into the season finale.

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