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Arrow – S2E20 – Seeing Red

Previously on Arrow, ‘The Man Under the Hood’ 

Leave it to me to fill in for Alison on a week where Arrow is super sad.

Roy escapes from Oliver’s super secret mega lab and starts fucking shit up all over Starling City. Thea continues to pout and sulk because everyone lies to her. She goes so far as to make a scene while Moira is being interviewed, and tells her mother she’s no longer allowed to use her club for an upcoming campaign event.

After Roy kills a cop, Sarah is convinced he needs to be put down. Oliver, nursing a messed up leg thanks to a run-in with Roy, refuses to give up on him. Moira decides to drop out the race to spend some time fixing her relationship with her daughter and does Blood the courtesy of telling him this in person.

When video of Roy’s attacks makes the news, despite the hoodie he’s wearing, Thea recognizes him. She figures out that Oliver has Diggle shadowing her because he knew Roy was out there and out of control. As far as she’s concerned, that’s just another example of her family lying to her about things under the guise of protecting her. She shows up at her mother’s campaign event which prompts Moira to change her mind about announcing that she’s dropping out of the race. Thea takes to the stage and tells everyone how special her mother is. Oliver realizes she only did that to try and draw out Roy and it works.

Roy shows up at the club and chaos ensues. Before Sarah can kill him, Oliver arrives as The Arrow and shoots Roy full of a tranquilizer.

Arrow S2E20 Thea

Back at the lab, Sarah breaks up with Oliver even though at the start of the episode he had asked her to move in with him. She needs to go get her head right and stop wanting to kill all.the.things.

Arrow S2E20 Sarah

Later, Oliver rides in a limo with Thea and Moira. Moira is about to confess something to Thea about her real father when their car is hit. Oliver awakens in the woods and finds that Slade has tied up his mother and sister, and Oliver as well. He wants to make him choose which one will die. Slade keeps referencing that “she” is there talking to him and Oliver realizes just how cray cray Slade is. Moira insists that she be the one who dies to protect her children. Slade applauds her bravery and says it’s a shame she didn’t pass that on to her son. Then he runs her through with a sword.

Arrow Moira Dies

Oh, did I fail to mention that via flashbacks we learn that Oliver got a girl pregnant seven years ago and Moira paid the girl $2 million dollars to say she lost the baby and leave town? Yup. Cause that totally happened and now the only person besides the girl who knows that Oliver has a kid somewhere is dead. AND before she died, Moira confessed to Oliver that she’s known he’s The Arrow for about a year. Damn.


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