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Arrow – S2E21 – City of Blood

Previously on Arrow ‘Seeing Red’

After last week’s ending I was hoping for something a little cheerier this week, but I guess that’s unlikely under the circumstances. The episode opens at Moira’s funeral. Oliver is conspicuously absent. At the wake Felicity and Diggle are confronted by the definitely-not-dead Isabel. Thea is really not happy with her brother for skipping out on her.

Arrow S2E21 Felicity

Back on the island, Sara, Oliver, Anatoli, and (clear red shirt) Peter break into the old Japanese submarine. They want Anatoli to fix it. He used to be in the Russian navy, so he obviously knows how to repair outdated foreign technology.

Laurel heads to the station to see her dad. She tells him that they need to be looking into Sebastian Blood. Now that she’s got her addiction under control he finds her accusations a whole lot more believable. On the subject of Starling City’s newest mayor, Sebastian gets a call from “his father”, aka Slade, who tells him to get to work.

Diggle and Felicity have had no luck tracking down Oliver and Felicity. On top of that they are running out of snake venom to keep Roy sedated. They head to see Amanda Waller to get ARGUS to help find Oliver.

Isabel goes to Verdant to see Thea and give her a notice to vacate the club. Things are not going well for Thea right now.

Laurel heads to the mayor’s office to get some help from Sebastian on a case, and to leave a bug. Officer Lance and Laurel get some help from the station’s resident techie to hack in to Blood’s computer, and they find a press release that he wrote for Moira’s death, date stamped from the day before it happened.

Felicity and Diggle are hanging out at ARGUS, when Waller tracks down Oliver. He is staying in town at his secret back-up base.

Anatoli manages to get the sub working, but they need to use the torpedoes to get it unstuck. Unfortunately, the torpedoes are terribly designed and need to be controlled manually.

Diggle and Felicity go to find Oliver. He is sitting on the floor in his funeral clothes moping. He has decided to turn himself in to Slade so that everyone else can live. The others are naturally, not too keen on the idea.

Thea has decided to leave Starling City. Walter tries to convince her to stay, but Oliver comes home and tells her it’s a good idea. He also tells her how much he loves her, before calling Isabel and telling her to meet him at the pier.

On the island Peter volunteers to be the one to set off the torpedo This comes as no surprise given that he is the only one that we haven’t seen alive in the present. Apparently Ivo gave him cancer to see if the Mirakuru would fix it, but never got around to the second part.

At the pier Oliver is hit by a tranquilizer. He wakes up back in the Foundry, where he sees Felicity, Diggle, and, surprisingly, Laurel. Laurel tells him that he cannot sacrifice himself. She convinces him by telling him Sebastian Blood was involved in his mother’s murder.

On the island Oliver sends Sara off the sub in case the plan fails. She doesn’t take much convincing.

Blood is out at a restaurant when Oliver turns up. He tells him that he knows about him teaming up with Slade. Diggle kidnaps Blood’s associate, Clinton Hogue. He thinks that Diggle is going to torture him, but instead Felicity hits him where it really hurts, hacking into his bank accounts and donating his money to charities. This proves a very effective incentive.

Arrow S2E21 Laurel

Diggle sets up explosives to drop a roof on Blood and his Mirakuru army. Oliver gets jumped by one of the men and is getting choked when Laurel turns up and whacks the baddie on the head. Diggle is about to blow the charges when Isabel turns up in a (really unflattering) mask to get revenge for him almost killing her.

Arrow S2E21 Isabel

One of the Mirakuru soldiers gets himself arrested so that he can take down the cops, and another starts attacking people at the train station where Thea is waiting to leave town. Felicity gets a call from her friends at STAR Labs; let’s hope they’ve found a cure!

On the island, they are able to get the sub free, but when Oliver calls Sara on the radio to give her the good news she doesn’t sound too good.

Oliver brings the roof down on a bunch of the Mirakuru soldiers, but there are a whole lot more where that came from.

Next week is sure to be a doozy.

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