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Arrow – S2E22 – Streets of Fire

Previously, on Arrow: “City of Blood

We pick up straight where last week left off, with Diggle and Isabel getting their fight on as Oliver and Laurel dig their way out of the rubble. Isabel has Diggle on the ground and is starting up an evil monologue about wanting to kill Felicity when – speak of the devil – she comes and hits her with a van. Diggle and Felicity get the hell out of there.

Arrow | Van

The DA comes to tell Blood that they need to bring order to the streets, but Sebastian assures her that the cops have it completely under control.

Laurel is trapped behind some rubble. She takes Oliver’s bow, and he coaches her through shooting an explosive arrow to clear a way through.

In the submarine, Past-Oliver plans to swim over to the freighter to get Sara back from Slade. He tells Anatoli that, if he’s not back in an hour, Anatoli should leave.

Thea is at the train station getting accosted by one of the masked soldiers, when none other than Malcolm Merlyn comes to save her.

Laurel and Oliver meet up with Diggle and Felicity. STAR Labs has found a cure, but the courier was attacked in transit. Laurel heads to the police station to meet up with her father, while the others go to retrieve the cure. Slade is listening in to their phone call and sends a guy to intercept.

Oliver leaves Anatoli in the submarine. They have a nice moment where Anatoli pledges his unconditional friendship.

Officer Lance tells his boss that they need to call in the Arrow for help. Despite being an absolute jerk the whole season, he not only agrees but also gives Lance his old detective job back.

Arrow | Detective

Laurel is getting chased by one of the soldiers, when Sara comes up and pulls her to safety.

One of the soldiers comes into the Mayor’s office and kills the DA, despite Blood telling him not to. Looks like he is finally realising what a terrible idea it was to team up with a madman with superpowers.

Team Arrow is driving to get the cure when a Mirakuru Soldier pushes a car in front of them, flipping their van. Diggle pulls an unconscious Felicity out of the van while Oliver deals with the soldiers.

Thea runs through the empty station with Malcolm in pursuit. He tells her that he came to make sure she was okay, but Thea is not exactly thrilled that her murderous biological father is still alive.

Slade and Isabel are watching the city burn when Blood comes to yell about all the innocent people who are dying. Slade tells him that by tomorrow the city will be destroyed.

Sara and Laurel stop for chat while the city goes to hell. Sara tells Laurel that she is irredeemable. Laurel argues that, if she were so bad, she wouldn’t be known as the canary.

Back on the freighter, Oliver breaks Sara out of her cell. He tells her to get to the sub while he goes and takes care of Slade, but she won’t leave without him.

The gang is about to get to the courier with the cure, but one of the soldiers gets there first. He drops off the cure to Slade. Blood is looking more and more disillusioned. What’s the bet that he has a change of heart and decides to help Oliver?

Team Arrow gathers in the clock tower. Diggle goes to get the unconscious Roy from the Foundry while Felicity gives Oliver a motivational speech.

Sara and Laurel are walking when they hear someone shouting for help. A girl is trapped in a burning building, and Sara gets her out of there just in time for Laurel and her father to see her heroics.

Arrow | Canary

Merlyn saves Thea from a soldier, getting knocked out in the process.

Blood calls Oliver. He has taken the cure and is looking to switch sides. Called it! Diggle and Oliver go to meet him to get the cure, leaving Felicity to watch over Roy. After Blood gives the cure to Oliver, Isabel comes over and stabs him through the chest.

Arrow | Blood

Oliver decides that the best person to test the cure on is Roy, but Felicity is worried that they don’t know if it will do more harm than good.

On the freighter, Sara and Oliver are looking through Ivo’s stuff for the cure when Slade arrives, cure in hand.

The news reports that the army has come to help out, but Lance isn’t so sure. Oliver figures that it’s actually ARGUS. He calls Amanda Waller, and she tells him that there is a drone en route to make sure that none of the soldiers get out of Starling. She gives him ‘til dawn before she pulls the trigger.

Thea grabs a gun and holds it to Merlyn. He tells her that they are the same; both dealing with the deaths of loved ones, but before he can finish his spiel, she fires. Whether at Merlyn or at someone else, we don’t see. I guess we’ll have to tune in to the finale next week to find out.

Arrow | Streets of Fire

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