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Arrow – S2E23 – Unthinkable

Previously on Arrow, ‘Streets of Fire’

Team Arrow is in the clock tower debating whether or not the cure is working on Roy, when a group of Slade’s goons arrive to kill them. Roy wakes up, and picks the absolute worst time to lose his powers. They zip line out of there, and are saved by Lyla showing up in a helicopter with a rocket launcher to blow the remaining baddies sky high. They head back to the trashed Foundry to collect supplies.

Last week’s cliffhanger is resolved by the reveal that Thea shot Merlyn, but that he has Kevlar on and is completely fine. Instead of being mad that she shot him, Merlyn is proud that she is more badass than Tommy was.

At the cop shop, Lance pauses while giving a dramatic monologue so they can listen to some cops dying on the radio. Laurel goes to find Sara and is shot with a tranquilizer dart for her troubles. Knocking your sister unconscious in the middle of a battle may well be the worst protection plan ever.

Sara has brought Nyssa and some assassin friends home to help out. Oliver isn’t too happy about it, but he is given no choice in the matter. He gives Roy his very own not-particularly-concealing facemask to match his and Sara’s.

Thea gets a call from Roy. He tells her to meet him at his place. Merlyn tells her that Roy is a liar, just like her brother and mother.

Team Arrow arrives at Queen Consolidated to kick some ass. Slade escapes, but they manage to capture Isabel. Against Oliver’s orders, Nyssa snaps Isabel’s neck. RIP Isabel Rochev, we may not miss you, but we will most certainly miss having Summer Glau grace our screens every week.

Arrow S2E23 Nyssa

Back on the freighter, the captured Oliver is involved in a pitched battle with ghost Shado for Slade’s soul. Slade won’t be swayed, and is about to shoot Sara, when Anatoli shoots a missile at the side of the ship.

At the police station, one of the masked soldiers comes and takes Laurel hostage. ARGUS fires off a drone, although I assume it’s the kind that takes a long time to reach its destination and can be recalled at the last second, so I’m not too worried.

All of the soldiers are gathering in a tunnel so the team head over there to take them out. Lance tells Oliver that it’s time to go back on his promise not to kill, but Felicity urges him not to abandon the man that he’s become.

Editor’s Note: During the finale, we got our first look at the upcoming series, The Flash. Here’s a preview:

Thea turns up at Roy’s place. He tells her that he’s done with the superhero business. What’s the chance this lie blows back on him? He gets a text saying that he’s needed elsewhere. He tells her that he needs to go but when he gets back they’ll leave forever. With words like those, the likelihood that she’s still here upon his return is slim to none.

Oliver takes Felicity to the mansion and tells her to wait there because Slade is after the woman he loves, and he took the wrong one! There is no way they are sailing Olicity ship this soon; it must be a ploy. Either way, Oliver sure is selling it.

Team Arrow engages with the soldiers in the tunnel. Nyssa saves Sara from a soldier, and is in turn saved by Detective Lance.

Arrow Season 2 Finale

While everyone else is busy, Lyla and Diggle break into the ARGUS jail to get the help of Deadshot and some other prisoners.

Back on the freighter, Oliver and Slade are fighting as the ship takes on water. In a repeat of what happened on the Queen’s Gambit, Sara is sucked out of a hole in the side.

Diggle and Lyla, with the help of Deadshot, take over the ARGUS command centre. Waller reveals that Lyla is pregnant, and that Diggle’s the dad!

Arrow S2E23

Slade calls Oliver, and tells him that he has Felicity. The whole love confession thing was definitely a trick. Oliver goes to meet Slade. He has Felicity and Laurel. Oliver distracts Slade, giving Felicity the opening to inject him with the cure. We flashback to them concocting the plan to take down Slade.

Arrow S2E23 Slade and Felicity

On the freighter, falling beams trap Slade, and instead of stabbing him with the cure, Oliver opts to stab him in the eye with an arrow, before getting knocked unconscious.

Back in the present, Oliver ties Slade to a pole. He calls Waller, and she calls off the drones just in the nick of time.

Sara heads out of town with the League. She says her goodbyes to her father, and then passes on her leather jacket to Laurel, telling her that Oliver’s going to need her help. On the way back from the docks Lance collapses with internal bleeding.

Roy gets home to find a letter from Thea. She has found his weapons stash and has decided to run off to be a Merlyn. Go figure.

Oliver has locked Slade up in some dank ARGUS prison. He thanks him for helping him to become the hero he is today. He climbs out of there onto the beach on the island, where Felicity and Diggle are waiting for him. He stops for some eyesex with Felicity, before they get on the plane to head home.

Oliver flashes back to waking up in a room after the battle on the freighter, only to be greeted by Amanda Waller. She welcomes him to Hong Kong.

I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I cannot wait for season 3!

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