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Arrow – S2E6 – Keep Your Enemies Closer

Previously, on Arrow: “League of Assassins

The episode starts with Roy leaving a signal for Oliver. Maybe he has something useful to contribute this episode. A girl can hope.

At the office, Oliver is getting grilled by Summer Glau for being unreliable. They are interrupted by Felicity, who needs Oliver for their other business.

Roy is tracking some shady guys when Oliver shows up behind him. The guys are making a deal for a counterfeiting plate when they are interrupted by Oliver SETTING THE BAG OF MONEY ON FIRE! Seriously Oliver, I know you’re rich but surely there are some people in the Glades who could have used that. The cops show up, and are, as per usual, terribly unhelpful. They arrest Roy. Some shady military dudes kidnap Diggle!

Arrow | Arrest

Diggle is tied to a chair in one of Starling City’s many dimly lit factories. A woman called Amanda Waller, from a group called A.R.G.U.S, comes in for a chat. DC fans will surely be less than happy about her receiving the CW treatment; she is a whole lot hotter than in the comics. On the plus side, at least she hasn’t been whitewashed! They want Diggle to help them retrieve his lady friend Lila who has gone missing in Russia. They also know about Oliver’s night job.

Detective Lance is enjoying having Roy in cuffs again when Roy tells him that they serve the same master, so to speak. Lance lets him go, and tells Thea that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Oliver and Felicity are watching the news when Diggle comes home. The gang are off to Russia!!

IslandOliver is on the ship getting interrogated by Ivo and Sara. He doesn’t tell the doctor that he and Sara know each other. Ivo gives him a quick crash course in Japanese wartime history. In typical villain style, it seems that he’s looking for a serum to make super soldiers.

The guys are getting onto the Queen private jet when Summer Glau arrives.  She insists on not letting Oliver go and conduct business without her tagging along. Diggle is not pleased.

They arrive in Russia. Summer Glau accuses a somewhat amused Oliver of sleeping with Felicity. He sends the gals home to the hotel and heads out to meet his mob friends with Diggle.

Thea gets a visit from the family lawyer. She warns her that it is bad for her mum’s case if she keeps being seen with the criminal element, aka Roy.

Oliver is at a swanky club. He finds his mobster friend, who is very happy to see him. He tells the boys that Lila is being held in a gulag. Oliver is ready to head in there guns arrows blazing, but Diggle tells him that he has to be the one to do it.

The guys get ready to get Diggle arrested. They have a lot of drugs handy to do the job. Like seriously, that is at least a hundred thousand dollars worth of meth right there. His friend must really like Oliver. Diggle explains that he and Lila were actually married back in the day.

Diggle gets arrested and taken to prison. It actually looks cleaner than the ones in Starling City.

Felicity and Oliver wait out in the cold next to some silos. A shifty dude arrives to sell them a police jeep. The guy is gonna stiff them over (and shoot them), but Oliver talks him down with some very threatening sounding Russian. Not that Russian ever doesn’t sound threatening.

In his cell on the ship, IslandOliver is chatting to his cellmate. It’s the mobster guy! Sara comes to see how he is, and he says that he has to warn his buddies about Ivo’s evil scheme. Shado is tending to a severely burned Slade. They totally have some chemistry going on.

Back in Starling City, Roy tries to initiate some fun with Thea, but instead gets dumped. Guy can’t catch a break!

In the gulag, Diggle is sitting down for some slop with his friendly cellmate. He gets attacked by a gang of racists, and taken off by the guards. They lock him in a very cold room. There’s another prisoner locked across the room from him. OMG, it’s Deadshot! What are the chances?!

Oliver sits down for a drink with Summer Glau. She asks him why he pretends to be such a douchebag. Not in those words of course, but that’s the general gist. They have some sex.

Diggle is taken from the room by the friendly guard. They are escaping when Deadshot kills the guard with an icicle. Oh Russia! Deadshot makes a deal that he will show Diggle where Lila is being kept if he can get in on the exit strategy.

Felicity comes to Oliver’s door just as Summer Glau is leaving. Well this is awkward. They sneak into the prison in their police car.

Arrow | Radio

Sara lets IslandOliver out of his cage. She takes him to a radio so that he can signal his buddies. He sends out a message in Chinese and gets onto Shado, but before they can so much as say howdy, Sara turns off the radio. It’s a double cross! Now Ivo knows that they are still alive, and still a threat.

Deadshot and Diggle make it to Lila. Deadshot is kind of a babe with his eye patch. The others cause a distraction by blowing up Diggle’s coat that the guards had confiscated. They get the hell out of there, taking out quite a few guards in the process. Diggle lets Deadshot go, but not before he tells him that someone had ordered his brother’s killing. Someone ominously called Hive.

Arrow | Deadshot

Thea and Roy head in to visit her mother. She tells them that she doesn’t want them to break up on her behalf. How nice.

Diggle got lucky with Lila! Finally. He interrupts their pillow talk to look up Hive. It seems it’s an acronym! Can Felicity please get on him to switch search engines. Nobody in their right mind would use Bing. Ever.

Felicity confronts Oliver about sleeping with Summer Glau. He tells her that, because of his lifestyle, he doesn’t want to get close to anyone. Tell that to the shippers.

Ivo is about to have IslandOliver shot in the head, but Sara convinces him that he could be useful. It looks like he’ll be going back to the island.

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