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Arrow – S3E17 – Suicidal Tendencies

Previously on Arrow, ‘The Offer’

Diggle and Lyla get married, but spend their honeymoon with Deadshot and the Suicide Squad (now with new team member, Cupid) as they’re tasked with rescuing a US Senator being held hostage in Kasnia.

Arrow S3E17 Diggle Lyla Cupid

Back in Starling City, Oliver learns about Ray’s ATOM suit and Ray learns that Oliver is the Arrow. This causes a rift between Felicity and Ray, and increases tension between her and Oliver. The League attacks the city, framing Oliver, in an effort to get him to accept R’as Al Ghul’s offer.

Top Three Highlights of the Episodes: 
Oliver the Hater

The look on Oliver’s face when he learns Ray is a minister and can step in at the last moment to perform the ceremony said, “Of course, you’re a minister, you good-looking, rich son-of-a-bitch!”

Arrow S3E17 Ray Felicity Oliver and Diggle

PTSD is Not a Joke

This episode took a deeper look at the character Deadshot, who returned home haunted by the things he’s done to a family that barely recognizes him. The scenes where he loses it with his young daughter and wife were painful to watch. That makes his death by sacrifice at the end even more heartbreaking. I hope he found a way out.

Felicity Chooses Ray

Despite the fact that he didn’t tell her his suit worked, and she didn’t tell him Oliver was the Arrow, Felicity and Ray decide to make it work. I hope Oliver’s blessing to Ray is the last he’ll be involved in their relationship, but I doubt it.

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