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Arrow – S3E1 – The Calm

The best parts of the Arrow season 3 premiere had nothing to do with the villains, and everything to do with the personal turmoil consuming Team Arrow.

Oliver tries to get Queen Consolidated back and fails as Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) sweeps in all charming and douchey at the same time. Palmer also has immediate love-to-hate-you connection with Felicity which is sure to cause problems later.

Ray Palmer

Oliver also tries to begin a relationship with Felicity, but their first and only date is cut short when Vertigo (Peter Stormare) sends a rocket through the restaurant’s window. This leads Oliver to believe that his first instinct was right: He should not become involved with Felicity, even though he loves her, because it’s too dangerous. Oliver attempts to protect father-to-be Diggle by sidelining him from the action, which only serves to piss off his friend who rightfully points out he’s saved Oliver’s ass countless times. Whether or not he fights should be his choice. This setback is just temporary as by episode’s end, Diggle is dad and thanks Oliver for making sure he was there to see his newborn daughter enter the world. Felicity, though, isn’t as understanding. Oliver won’t say he doesn’t love her, because he does, but he insists they can’t be together.

Arrow S3E1 Oliver and Felicity

Roy is controlling his abilities and has become an efficient member of the team, but he’s quiet and sullen, still moping over Thea who did not make an appearance in the premiere. Lance is alive and promoted, but not really feeling sitting behind a desk. He has, however, announced to the city that he will no longer be wasting resources hunting the vigilante when the city should be thanking him. This pleases Oliver and Laurel, who has steadily prosecuted the criminals Team Arrow caught.

Even better for Laurel, her sister Sara makes a surprise visit home, only revealing herself to Oliver and Laurel. After a sweet reunion, Sara is shot with three arrows and falls from the roof, landing at Laurel’s feet. Daaaamn.


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