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Arrow – S3E14 – The Return

Previously on Arrow, ‘Canaries’

Thea and Oliver return to The Island where Slade has managed to escape. How did he do that? Malcolm Merlin. He had some twisted idea that facing off with Slade would really prepare Thea and Oliver for what’s to come when Ra’s al Ghul makes his move. What’s he waiting for anyway? Does he not know Oliver is alive and back in Starling City?

Arrow S3E14

Anyway, Thea totally becomes bae in this episode. Not only does she take to the island and her training, but when Oliver faces off with Slade, she helps… and does well. She’s also faced with the same dilemma Oliver did: Does she kill or find another way. She spares Slade and his ass is put right back in his cell.

Via flashblacks, we see that Oliver was in Starling City on the order of Waller, and while there he eavesdropped on how his family and friends were doing without him: Laurel and Tommy were getting close, Lance was a drunk mess, and Thea was spiraling out of control and doing drugs.

Episode Highlights: 
  • Thea! Who knew she’d become such a badass? Can she be the new Canary? Please? When she let Oliver dislocate her arm so she could reach a release from their cell, I became a fan.
  • Oliver finally tells Thea she killed Sarah. Poor Thea.
  • While home, but in hiding, Oliver straight up snapped the neck of Thea’s drug dealer when he recognized him. Damn. I kinda miss that gives no fucks Oliver. A little.

Thea and Slade

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