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Arrow – S3E20 – The Fallen

Previously on Arrow, ‘Broken Arrow’

Oliver rushes into Thea’s apartment – hopefully to tell her Roy isn’t dead, but you never know with this show and unnecessary secrets – and finds her bleeding to death on the floor. At the hospital, the doctor tells him she’s pretty much gone and he may want to consider removing her from life support. Malcolm has a plan: there are waters that have kept Ra’s al Ghul alive for more than 100 years. Surely he’ll share some with the woman he just tried to kill, if they ask nicely.

Felicity asks Ray if they can use his jet to take Thea there. He says yes, even though he breaks up with her. Probably because she asked nicely.

Malcolm, who brought up the damn idea to begin with, is having second thoughts about using The Lazarus Pits. Can’t they try S.T.A.R. Labs instead? Oliver tells him to get his damn ass on the plane.

Once they arrive, Maseo immediately takes Thea to prepare her for the ceremony. He promises to treat her like his own family. Oliver just glares at him. Later, Diggle tries to shame Maseo for being in The League. Maseo is all, “You don’t know my life” and pulls the dead kid card. Diggle is only partially chastised. He asks if Maseo’s dead son would be proud of him now.

Arrow S3E20 - TheaIf his son wasn’t dead, he wouldn’t be here, Diggle. Take your judgement elsewhere.

Thea is dipped into a bubbling well of water and it kinda looks like McDonald’s fries being dipped in a fryer of hot oil. She’s under for about 3 seconds before she jumps up, kicks Oliver in the chest, and growls at him. So, it worked.

Thea doesn’t know where she is and doesn’t even seem to know her mother is dead. Oliver leaves her to get some rest. Meanwhile, Felicity confronts Ra’s for forcing Oliver into this. Ra’s tells her to check herself.

Oliver and Felicity finally have sex in one of Ra’s guest rooms. You think Ra’s keeps condoms in that bedside table or nah?

Arrow S3E20 - Felicity and Oliver

Score | 8/10Afterwards, Felicity drugs Oliver and tries to sneak him out of there, despite everyone telling her it’s a bad idea. They encounter Maseo, who helps them by killing three League members before letting them go. Guess the Diggle shaming worked.

In the tunnels, they are eventually cornered. Oliver wakes up just in time to call the League off, invoking his name as Ra’s’ heir. He has a tender goodbye with his friends and sister. Then he goes back to fulfill his part of the deal.

Back in Starling City, Felicity has to tell Laurel that Oliver is gone.

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