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Arrow – S3E6 – Guilty

Previously on Arrow, ‘The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak’

Team Arrow go hunting for gangsters. Roy’s head is NOT in the game. He’s too busy wondering if he murdered Sara to bother focusing on the plan. Luckily there’s someone else out there judging criminals. This vigilante is a little less subtle than the Arrow, leaving a giant ‘GUILTY’ in blood next to the strung up bodies of the gang members.

Roy wants Felicity to check his blood for Mirakuru, just to see if he would be strong enough to, you know, throw some arrows into his friend’s chest.

Oliver goes hunting for a gang member called Paco, but he gets there too late. He finds Paco’s body strung up in the gym run by Laurel’s trainer, Ted Grant. He is suspicious of Grant, but Laurel tells him to cool it.

Arrow S3E6

Much to Roy’s relief, Felicity’s Mirakuru tests come back negative. He confides in Felicity that he dreamed he’d killed Sara.

Oliver tracks Grant to his vigilante lair, where a body is hung from the ceiling. The two fight, which gives the writers a good excuse as they’re ever gonna get to have Oliver knock Grant down with a boxing glove on the end of an arrow. Grant tells him someone is trying to set him up because he used to be a vigilante.

Arrow Boxing Glove

Oliver is again very high and mighty about Grant having accidentally killed one guy, given that he used to drop bodies left and right a season or so ago.

Felicity uses magic scanning technology to determine that the arrows that killed Sara were consistent with being thrown by someone with Mirakuru strength. Roy is not happy about it, naturally.

Oliver and Grant head off to track down the killer, but Grant gets picked up by the cops before they are able to grab the guy.

Roy decides that it’s a great idea to tell Oliver and Laurel that he killed Sara. Just the thing to do when you have no conclusive evidence to back it up. That Roy, always making the smart decisions.

Laurel goes to see Grant in lockup. He tells her his vigilante origin story. He tells her that it was actually his apprentice, Isaac, who killed the guy back in the day, and that he’s come back to frame Grant now. Grant and Laurel get captured by Isaac, but the rest of the team are able to track them down. Roy does some unnecessary flips, and the day is saved. Grant actually seems like a sensible guy, telling Oliver that he should listen to what Laurel says for once, rather than try to make her decisions for her.

Roy tells Oliver that he wants to turn himself in for Sara’s murder, but instead Oliver sits him down to meditate. Woops, it looks like Roy didn’t kill Sara after all, just some random police officer. I guess that’s better than killing Sara, right? Oh, and Oliver knew about it this whole time.

Laurel convinces Grant to take her on as an apprentice, so that she can learn to kick ass like her sister.

The episode ends with us meeting our newest villain. It’s Cupid, stupid!

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