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Arrow – S3E7 – Draw Back Your Bow

Previously on Arrow, ‘Guilty’

Six months ago, Oliver saved a woman who was about to be killed by some Mirakuru soldiers. This is now coming back to bite him in the arse, as the woman he saved is now going by the name of Cupid. She leaves a gift for Oliver in the form of a corpse dressed up like the Arrow. I guess we now know what to get the guy who has everything.

Arrow S3E7 Cupid

Back in Oliver’s Hong Kong days, we learn Oliver used to be a grown man who could survive on an island full of people who wanted to kill him, and yet was stymied when it came to how to do his own laundry. Tatsu is exactly as impressed by this as you’d expect.

Felicity has a type, and I guess, watching Ray Palmer make his shirtless way up his very own Salmon Ladder, that the rest of us do now too. Palmer asks Felicity to escort him to a work dinner in a VERY expensive dress. Platonically, of course.

Arrow S3E7 Felicity and Ray

Queen Consolidated is now Palmer Technologies and Oliver decides to take it out on the arrowhead that was left for him by Cupid. Luckily, there was a piece of paper hidden inside with an address that leads Oliver to his very own stalker room. He gets a call from Cupid telling him that she’s doing all of her murdering just for him. She sends him a picture of a guy she has tied up with explosives.

Roy is, understandably, not coping well with having murdered a cop. Felicity finds out the guy tied up is some mob boss. She tells Oliver she’ll need the night off to have dinner with Ray, and he takes it about as well as you’d expect.

Back in Hong Kong, Maseo is missing. A worried Tatsu and Oliver head down to the docks to try and find him.

Thea is trying to hire a new DJ for Verdant, but all of the applicants are absolutely horrendous. Some smug jerk comes in and tries to get hired without auditioning, but Thea sends him away.

Felicity figures out Cupid is possibly keeping the guy tied up in a greenhouse, so Oliver and Roy head down there. I guess Oliver is officially referring to Roy as Arsenal now. Cupid knocks out Roy, and taunts Oliver by having the guy he’s trying to save strung up by a noose that will set off the bomb if it’s cut. He takes the chance anyway, and manages to throw the bomb vest away before it explodes.

Diggle swings by to see Felicity at work. He tells her that her thing with Palmer is messing with Oliver’s head. She rightly tells him that if it’s an issue then that’s something Oliver should be telling her himself.

On the subject of Oliver’s emotional issues, he swings by to see a psychologist. She gives him Cupid’s diagnosis, as well as telling him that he should consider some professional help of his own.

Ray makes Felicity wear a ten million dollar necklace for their not-date. I still can’t tell whether he’s creepy or charming. I guess I’ll have to go with both.

Cupid gets a tech savvy man to help her figure out the area where Oliver lives, and then she kills him. Turns out he was one of her former CIs from when she used to be a cop.

In Hong Kong, gangsters surround Oliver, but Tatsu takes them out easily with her Katana. She gets one of the guys to tell her that they had had some men killed earlier that day.

Cupid is at Verdant, getting a drink from Thea. She is distracted by the fact that the DJ is terrible. The smug jerk DJ comes to save the day, and is perhaps even smugger, and even more of a jerk than the last meeting.

At Palmer’s dinner with possible investors Felicity is her usual charming self and convinces the people at dinner they should invest with Ray.

Oliver, with a complete lack of charm, convinces Cupid to meet at the spot where he’d saved her. How did a Starling City beat cop get so good at archery? They fight and she drops them down onto the subway tracks, and locks him there. She stands in front of the train and at the last moment Oliver pops his thumb out and pulls them off the track. She’s still delusional and thinks he loves her because he saved her. He gets her set up with the Suicide Squad.

When Tatsu and Oliver get home they find that Maseo did not actually get murdered that day. If you were in a job where death was a distinct possibility you’d think you’d learn to call when you were going to be late.

Smug jerk DJ kisses Thea instead of taking his cut of the night’s profits. Ugh, I hope Roy punches him in the face some time in the near future.

Felicity and Ray kiss just in time for Oliver to see. This of course leads him to swipe everything off his desk dramatically. Oliver and Roy head to a late dinner with Diggle and Lyla to cheer up.

Arrow S3E7 Ray Kisses Felicity

Looks like Ray needed the metal from the investors because he is building a super suit!

We get a glimpse at Captain Boomerang. As an Australian, I gotta tell you, retuning boomerangs are not actually used as weapons. Great for scaring birds, less good if you want to stab someone in the back. You know, in case you wanted some accuracy in your show about superheroes.

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