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Arrow – S4E10 – Blood Debts

Previously on Arrow, ‘Dark Waters’

This week picked up right after the shooting last episode, with Felicity not doing so well in the hospital, and Oliver doing even worse not in hospital. Crisis mode has a tendency to bring out the worst in Oliver, and this crisis is no exception. Undoing several seasons worth of character development, Oliver spent the aftermath of the accident pummeling ghosts for information in the hope of finding, and killing, Darhk.

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Also in a pummeling mood, Diggle attempts to beat Darhk’s location out of Andy. Luckily for those of us who don’t like watching the ‘good guys’ torturing prisoners, Lilah convinces him to try just talking to him like a brother next time.

Lance gives Oliver the location of the building where he has his meetings with Darhk, but he is beaten to the punch (literally) by the return of Lonnie Machin, who you might remember from the time Thea set him on fire. He is also out to get revenge on Darhk. This gives him a shared objective with Oliver, who, much to the irritation of the rest of his team, decides to break him out of police custody so that he will lead them to Darhk. Unfortunately, he leads them to the wrong members of the Darhk family, and they have to fight to free Darhk’s wife and daughter.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital (where her fiancé is not), Felicity is told that she’ll never walk again. Being the most understanding person ever, Felicity is quick to brush off Oliver’s apologies. The benefits of dating people who are well aware of your secret identity, other superheroes take note.

We also got a little more of the flash forward at the grave, with Oliver getting in a car with an angry, but very much alive, Felicity, shocking the two or three people who actually believed Felicity was going to get killed off.

The Good

Thea and Laurel are best buds and it’s excellent.

Thea’s boyfriend continues to be super charming. Sorry Roy, but I hope those kids make it.

The Bad

There are an awful lot of empty factories in this city. Must be why everyone’s so upset all the time in Star City, job losses from factory closures

Did Andy really have to have been a drug dealer? Black People, amiright? (No, I’m not right)

Did we ever get an explanation for how Machin is so good at tracking Darhk when the others are stumped?

Dear Mr Berlanti,

Please retire the flashbacks.



Quotes of the Week

Thea wondering if Machin is trying to get revenge: “Why would he be, I only burned his face off in a fiery fit of Lazarus rage”

Laurel’s deadpan response to finding out that her dad is dating Felicity’s mum:

“Such a small world.”


Felicity’s response to Oliver saying that his absence was unforgivable: “Only if you were in Bali or something… Were you in Bali?”

Arrow S4E10
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The episodes that follow after a cliffhanger never tend to be as good as the episodes that proceed them, and this episode was no exception. Machin is a fun character, but he felt like a distraction from an episode that should have packed a more emotional punch. None of the characters felt like they were really affected by Felicity getting shot, including Felicity.

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