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Arrow – S4E11 – A.W.O.L.

Arrow’s regular reviewer, Alison, is on vacation so Shanna and Nina (after this recap) are filling in. Here, in case you missed them, are the key moments from Arrow S4E11, ‘A.W.O.L.’


– NOT on the Island (woohoo!)
– Andy and Diggle are stationed in Afghanistan together
– When they get a shady offer from a superior officer, Andy turns him down and Diggle thinks he’s turned a new leaf. Not true; Andy secretly worked with the guy.
– Their superior officer is connected to the Black guy who’s heading up the unit Ollie infiltrated on Lian Yu.


– She doesn’t know if she can be part of the team anymore because she’s in the wheelchair.
– She starts hallucinating Goth!Felicity (Don’t worry; it’s just a side affect of her pain meds) but it does bring up her doubts about being a part of Team Arrow. Goth!Felicity teases that after her boyfriend “died” she promised herself she would only depend on herself, but depending on Oliver and getting involved put her in a wheelchair.
– She flubs a mission and gets down on herself. She yells at Oliver (who can’t see Goth!Felicity).
– In the end, she decides that this is the life she chose for better or worse and she wants to be a part of the team (New codename: Overwatch … ’cause Oracle was taken by DC movies).

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Diggle and A.R.G.U.S.

– Former ARGUS agents are being taken out. One comes to Diggle and Lyla for help. They confront Amanda Waller and she gives them some info.
– The group going after agents is Shadow Spire, headed up by Diggle and Andy’s old superior officer from Afghanistan.
– They take over ARGUS, unceremoniously killing Amanda Waller.
– Diggle and Andy work together to stop Shadow Spire using Andy to fool them into thinking he’s on their side.
– Diggle and Lyla bring Andy home and introduce him to baby Sara.

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