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Arrow – S4E13 – Sins of the Father

Previously on Arrow, ‘Unchained’

Arrow’s regular reviewer, Alison, is on vacation so Nina is filling in. Here, in case you missed them, are the key moments from Arrow S4E13, ‘Sins of the Father.’


They happened. I have no idea what they were about because they’re the worst part of the show.

Felicity’s Daddy

Felicity’s father admits his role as The Calculator and asks for her to give him a chance. He thinks they could combine their hacker skills and work together. After being reminded by her mom that her daddy ain’t shit, Felicity refuses his offer and has him arrested instead.

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Thea’s Daddy

Malcolm Merlin is a homicidal asshole, but he’s still Thea’s father and he loves her. Nyssa is well aware of this and uses Thea’s imminent death to her advantage: She’ll give Oliver the cure to save his sister if he’ll kill Malcolm.

Since Malcolm is the current leader of The League of Assassins, I can’t believe he’s unable to obtain this cure on his own.

Either way, Oliver hopes Malcolm will give up his leadership over TLoA voluntarily since not doing so means Thea’s life. But Malcolm gonna Malcolm and refuses, claiming he’s putting the greater good (not letting TLoA be under Nyssa’s control) before his daughter’s life. He tells Oliver he would do the same if someone were threatening his son, William.

Boop. Yup. Malcolm knows about Oliver’s son.

Oliver convinces Nyssa to enter into trial-by-combat with Malcolm for control of TLoA. However, at the last minute, Oliver volunteers to take her place as it is his husbandly prerogative. After defeating Malcolm, Oliver spares his life, but cuts off Malcolm’s arm and gives the ring to Nyssa.

Nyssa’s Father

Realizing all of their actions are still influenced by her father, and moved by Oliver’s attempt to find a peaceful resolution, Nyssa informs Oliver and Malcolm that she has disbanded The League of Assassins. Then she tosses the ring into a fire.

For a hot second (no pun intended), I thought Malcolm would stick his one good hand into the flames to retrieve it.

William’s Father

Malcolm has sworn vengeance on Oliver, and he has the perfect way to get it: He tells Damian Darhk about Oliver’s son.

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