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Arrow – S4E15 – Taken

Previously on Arrow, ‘Code of Silence’

I’ve learned two things while covering Arrow for Alison (who returns writing about it next week):

  1. I really don’t give a shit about those flashbacks.
  2. We need a Vixen live-action series starring Megalyn Echikunwoke.
Images: The CW

Images: The CW

Darhk wastes no time in letting Oliver and Felicity know that he has William, and he will be harmed unless Oliver drops out of the mayoral race and fully endorses his wife. Felicity is all, “Damn. That’s messed up. But, also, who’s William?”

Felicity then becomes the Iris West of Star City as she slowly learns that damn near everyone knew Oliver had a son but her. Hell, Barry knows and he doesn’t even live in Star City! Felicity decides there will be time to jump in Oliver’s ass later. He has to head to his campaign’s HQ to meet with William’s mother, Samantha.

Good ole Barry Allen told her to see Oliver regarding her missing son and she is furious (rightfully so). Oliver has no choice but to tell her he’s the Green Arrow.

Seeing as how every time he faces Dahrk Oliver gets force-gripped up, he decides to fight magic with magic. He calls in Mari McCabe a.k.a Vixen (Megalyn Echikunwoke) from Detroit. Her ability to channel the essence of an animal comes in handy when she uses her keen sense of smell to track William to a hotel. Unfortunately, their rescue mission was loud and messy and Dahrk had already moved the boy before they got there.

Since Oliver got his friend the Green Arrow involved, Dahrk moves up the deadline. While Mari figures out the source of Dahrk’s magic, Oliver withdraws from the race. Just as Mari comes up with a possible way to strip Dahrk’s powers, Darhk says he’ll release William in three hours. Oliver lets Samantha decide if they’ll get William in three hours or take a chance on stopping Darhk. Samantha kinda chooses both.

They’re successful, but all doesn’t end well. Oliver tells Samantha to move away with William, not even telling him where they’re going. He makes a video for William and explains why they were apart. Samantha agrees to show it to William when he’s 18.

Thea learns Malcolm took William for Darhk and lied about it. She wants nothing more to do with him – for real this time.

And Felicity gains use of her legs (yay!) only to immediately use them to walk out of Oliver’s life. Boo! I guess.

Arrow S4E15
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I enjoyed this episode more than any other this season. The plot was pretty straight forward and everyone’s actions made sense. I really hope we get to see more of Vixen. Maybe she can join Legends of Tomorrow and replace a certain Hawk. *Kanye shrug*

Some of the fight scenes were a little clunky – Thea and Laurel fighting in a narrow hallway was particularly bad.

I would have found Felicity’s decision to give Oliver back the ring more heartbreaking if there weren’t already pictures of them at the altar on the internet… and if they weren’t together in the flash-forwards… and if I actually cared about Felicity and Oliver.

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