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Arrow – S4E2 – The Candidate

Previously on Arrow, ‘Green Arrow’

Last week’s episode was a solid, if unexceptional, outing, that introduced us to the Queens’ exceedingly close family friends the Danfourths, who we had never seen or heard of in the preceding three seasons. Jessica Danfourth (or Seven of Nine for the nerds in the audience – who am I kidding, we’re all nerds) has her plans to run for mayor ruined by Lonnie Machin, a wannabe Ghost who just cannot catch a break with the unimpressed Damian Darhk.

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If that’s not enough for Oliver to deal with, Thea’s violent tendencies are moving away from season 1 Oliver and more towards season 3 Merlyn, culminating in her awesomely horribly setting the baddy of the week on fire, then proceeding to kick him around some more. Oliver sits Thea down to tell her about the warning he got about the effect of the Lazarus Pit, which is about six months later than he should have told her. At this point Oliver really needs to get STOP LYING TO YOUR LOVED ONES tattooed on his hand as a memory aid.

Of course, as soon as Laurel learns that there is a magic pit that can conveniently bring sisters back to life she enlists Thea in a fun grave digging date and a trip to Nanda Parbat.

What Worked

Oliver getting Felicity a ‘first day as a boss fern’ was both cute and a nice callback.

Oliver FINALLY cut his hair in the flashback! No more hideously unflattering wigs; thank the gods. The flashbacks themselves were less intrusive than they often are, and I was almost interested in what was going on. Oliver also ripped his shirt open, which was enough to excuse the terribly fake poppy fields.

It’s nice to see Felicity making a new nerdy friend, and Curtis Hold seems great, and hopefully we’ll finally get an openly queer character who doesn’t get killed off (I know Sara’s coming back but I’m still mad about it). It’s also good to see Felicity getting something to do as CEO.

I might be repeating myself, but it’s awesome to see Laurel getting to have scenes with people who aren’t Oliver and Lance. Diggle/Laurel is not a pairing we get to see often, and it was nice to see them connecting over their shared experiences of keeping secrets about dead siblings (not my first choice for bonding conversations, but each to their own I guess).

The fight scene between Machin and Team Arrow was excellent. The syncronised drop from the ceiling was badass (and made me wish I knew how to gif) and Thea fighting a flaming Machin may well be my favourite piece of fight choreography I’ve seen on the show.

What Didn’t Work

It was hard to feel at all invested in the Danfourths after zero build up. I spent the entire episode waiting to discover that Jessica was the mastermind of the whole attack, only for it to never happen. Tell me she did not give off the most suspicious vibes! Also, why would anyone use ‘inspired by Moira Queen’ as their selling point for becoming mayor. She was complicit in MASS MURDER!

Oliver trying to get through to Thea by fighting her may well be his dumbest plan to date (which is saying something). Seeing Willa Holland embroiled in sibling drama is giving me major OC de ja vu.

Had that cop really never seen the anarchy symbol before? She obviously never saw 14-year-old me’s notebook.

I’m honestly not sold on Oliver running for mayor as a storyline. Prove me wrong, Berlanti!

Did we really need to see Sara’s corpse in such detail? Ick.

Quote of the Week

“One of my men stepped on a land mine – how would you like a job”

Arrow S4E2
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This was a perfectly acceptable episode, but I can’t imagine myself coming back for a rewatch anytime soon. The dialogue was serviceable, but lacked a lot of the humour of last week, and the plot was fun but predictable.

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