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Arrow – S4E20 – Genesis

Previously on Arrow, “Canary Cry”

This week, Arrow revealed the secret to defeating Damian Darhk, and, much like defeating the dementors in Harry Potter, it all comes down to thinking happy thoughts. Unlike Harry Potter, however, Arrow is not a children’s fantasy book where the dementors are a metaphor for depression. As one of the more grounded superhero shows on TV, this twist came off as underwhelming and out of place (it would have made a lot more sense on The Flash).

We also found out Darhk’s master plan, which is to nuke the world and live in an underground copy of the suburbs that is protected by a force field. Yes, it was as ridiculous to watch as it was to write that sentence. We know about Darhk’s bunker because Ruve Adams has been drugging Alex and sent him and Thea there on holiday, for unknown (likely equally implausible) reasons.

Diggle is having an even worse time than Thea. Not only is he captured and tortured by his brother, but they let him escape so that he will lead them to Lyla and Sara. Darhk needs Lyla because she has a chip in her arm that can help him gain control of all of the nukes in the world. Why anyone thought that it would be safe there is beyond me. In the struggle, Diggle gets Andy at gunpoint, who then goads him into killing him. It looks like Diggle is going to have an even harder time than Oliver thinking happy thoughts.

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The Good

Say what you will about Damian Darhk, but that man sure can monologue. Neal McDonough does an awful lot with a character whose traits can be boiled down to “mean magician”.

I feel like I definitely talk too much about Alex for someone who has very little to do (probably because I adore Parker Young), but it was nice seeing Thea having a holiday with her adorable boyfriend. Well, before it went horribly wrong that is.

The Bad

Why is Lyla, head of Argus and soldier with the same combat experience as Diggle, being kept safe in an armored truck? Also, if they were looking to protect her, why not just keep her in the Arrow Cave? Is Oliver staying in the only room?

Diggle, don’t call your brother a “son of a bitch”, especially so close to Mother’s Day! On the subject of Andy, why is anyone surprised that he sided with Darhk after Team Arrow kept him locked alone in a small cage for three whole months, as well as beating him up on occasion? RIP Andy, you deserved a better storyline.

I wish we had seen more of the immortal shaman who hangs around Hub City playing poker and keeping out of mortals’ business. Come on CW, you’ve kept Supernatural on for over a decade, surely you can squeeze out a season of the Fortuna show

Quote of the Week

Diggle: “Andy told me genesis is coming.”
Felicity: “I don’t know, I think Phil Collins said they’d never tour again”

Arrow S4E20
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Much as I am glad that Diggle is getting more screen time this season, the Andy storyline just hasn’t been working. Moreover, finding out that Darhk’s master plan is just the basic “I’m going to destroy the world in the name of EVIL” play is a real letdown.

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