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Arrow – S4E21 – Monument Point

Previously on Arrow, “Genesis”

Last week on Arrow, a man with a bow and arrow, a former soldier, and an IT girl were the only people available to help stop the literal nuclear annihilation of the entire world. With only 21 hours until all of the world’s nukes would be detonated, the gang enlist the help of Felicity’s dad, who is apparently the greatest hacker in the world. He is so good that Darkh tries to preemptively take him out by sending Brick (played by the great Vinnie Jones) to track him down.

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Team Arrow are able to secure Noah, but he needs a piece of technology from Palmer Tech in order to stop the bombs. Unfortunately, Felicity has just been fired as CEO for her clear focus on activities unrelated to managing a company, so they need to break in to steal it. Why they couldn’t have just asked Curtis for help (or the President of the United States for that matter, who Lyla is in contact with) is beyond me.

They manage to stop all but one of the nukes with lots of banter and frantic typing on laptops, but are too late to stop the last one. To minimize casualties, Felicity is able to divert its course to hit a small town instead of a city. Wow, getting fired and killing tens of thousands of people, Felicity is not having a good day.

While everyone is frantically trying to stop the nukes, Thea is trapped down in Darkh’s underground suburbs. Merlyn enlists her help in stop Lonnie Machin, who is back and attempting to sabotage the bunker.

The Good

I was pleasantly surprised that they had one of the nukes actually hit. Given that we had already had this season’s major death, civilian casualties was really the only way to give the show stakes. That said…

The Bad

Why is everyone so unsure of if Felicity’s dad will agree to help them? Just because someone is a criminal doesn’t mean they won’t be against total world annihilation, at the very least out of a desire for self-preservation.

Does anyone else have trouble seeing Noah as some prolific hacker? Maybe it’s just because Tom Amandes will always be Harold from Everwood to me.

I’ve grown accustomed to Oliver’s overuse of violence on criminals, but it’s something else to see him throwing security guards, who until a day ago had been employees of Felicity, down the stairs head first.

It seems odd to me that the people working in the Russian missile solo hadn’t been informed of what was going on. Are we really supposed to believe that the people protecting the world’s nuclear weapons have no ways to deal with people hacking in (say taking them offline perhaps)?

Did I miss something, or did Lonnie Machin’s severe mummy issues come out of nowhere?

Quotes of the week: “The world is facing nuclear Armageddon, my pride and my dislike for my father can take a backseat for the next 21 hours”  – Felicity, talking sense

“The president asked me if the fate of the world was resting in the hands of an IT girl, a criminal, and 2 guys in Halloween costumes” – Lyla

Arrow S4E21 = 6/10
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