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Arrow – S4E22 – Lost in the Flood

Previously on Arrow, “Monument Point”

In the penultimate episode of the season, Team Arrow once more race to save the world from nuclear annihilation, while still having time for petty family squabbles and idiotic moral quandaries. No, Oliver, I do not think that Darhk “has a point,” Jesus Christ, man!

Noah and Felicity are pitted against Felicity’s worst ex-boyfriend, Cooper (whose hacker logo looks like a giant glowing vagina), as he tries to restart the missile launch. They manage to defeat him by making his computer explode with the power of hacking, which is totally a real thing that people can do just by typing really quick, in case you were wondering, leaving them free to return to bickering with Felicity’s mum.

Meanwhile, Diggle and Oliver head underground to rescue Thea, who has been kidnapped and drugged into helping Darhk by Malcolm ‘father of the year’ Merlyn. Oliver is able to talk her out of it, and they set off to save Ruve Darhk and her daughter from Lonny Machin, who is still somehow relevant, apparently. They manage to save the daughter, but in the process trigger the destruction of Darhk’s ark (and the half of the Star City that sits on top).

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The Good

Hey, they remembered that Curtis exists! He doesn’t have a lot to do this episode, mostly just commenting on the Smoak family drama, but it’s still nice to have him around to help balance out the broodiness.

The Bad

RIP Alex, you poor beautiful man. Will someone please do something about his corpse lying in the yard?

Are we honestly supposed to feel for the people living in Darhk’s Ark? They are complicit in the attempted extermination of the entire planet – that is not a moral grey area. Also, how did Darhk find hundreds of people who were both okay with moving there, and the kind of people that Darhk wanted in his new world?

Not to nitpick, but you really shouldn’t be able to pick a lock with an arrowhead.

If they must keep Felicity’s mother around, can the writers at least give her more to do than just be irritating at inconvenient times?

Everyone is very jovial for the day following a successful nuclear attack on the United States. Thousands of people were just killed, and the east coast is probably now bathed in radiation, and no one seems to give a damn.

Either I’m getting more sensitive, or this year has been particularly bad for shows killing off female characters to advance the plots of the men who love them, with Ruve Darhk becoming this trope’s latest victim.

Arrow - S4E22

Quotes of the Week

“YOU make so much more sense now!” – Curtis, upon discovering Felicity’s parentage

“No, I’m not pregnant; is that the only news that a woman can have??” – Felicity, appropriately annoyed by her mother’s assumptions

Arrow S4E22
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This episode had more holes than plot.

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