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Arrow – S4E6 – Lost Souls

Previously on Arrow, ‘Haunted’

Last week’s episode chronicled Team Arrow’s efforts to rescue the shrunken, but alive, Ray Palmer from Darhk’s clutches. For a certain subset of the fans, however, the episode depicted a far more noteworthy event – Olicity’s first fight. In her efforts to rescue Palmer, Felicity was foregoing showers and sleep, which proved concerning for her beau (and Curtis). The emotional novice that he is, Oliver decided the best action to take would be to invite her mother for a visit – although, in his defense, he was guilted via emoji. Rightfully annoyed, Felicity let slip that she had some other relationship concerns on her mind, namely, that she felt she was losing herself in her relationship with Oliver. Luckily, this season Oliver has learned the new skill of discussing issues openly and honestly to resolve problems, and the pair were making up (and out) in no time.

The plan to save tater tot sized Ray involved the classic fake prisoner gambit, with Oliver pretending to get captured to distract Darhk. It also involved the decidedly less classic base-jump-off-an-adjacent-building-and-smash-through-the-window gambit. With Curtis’ help they were able to rescue Ray with almost no casualties (RIP ghost who got on Sara’s bad side). I’ve gotta say I almost missed Ray. Almost. I definitely missed his pretty face.

On the subject of pretty faces I’ve missed, Sara is back in action, with a newfound penchant for neck snapping. She decides to head out of town to work on her violent impulses.

The Good

Move over Green Arrow, Oliver’s alias shall henceforth be Chatty Cathy.

I’m very excited for Thea to date Alex, I’ll be supremely disappointed if he turns out to be evil, or if he dies.

Looks like Papa Lance and Mama Smoak are looking to bump uglies, that should be amusingly awkward for everyone involved.

The Bad

It would have been good to get more Sara in the episode after her resurrection. Everyone seems way too nonchalant about her return.

After 4 seasons I’m kinda sick of Diggle being given the job of dispenser of wisdom for Oliver. As much as I adore how right he always is, I feel like it plays into some uncomfortable racial stereotypes (please correct me if I’m wrong – painfully white over here).

Best Quotes

“You’ve faced down Mirakuru soldiers and the league of Assassins, are you honestly telling me that you couldn’t say no to my mom?”

“She said she missed you and then she texted me on of those emojis with the single tear.” – Oliver revealing his true weakness

“You’re married he’s straight you’re married he’s straight” – Curtis having to deal with Oliver’s hotness

“Just because I understand science doesn’t mean I’m not bored by it.” – Damian Darhk being the master of intelligent sass.

Arrow S4E6
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    Performances - 8/10


This episode (and really the whole season) felt decidedly low stakes. Far too much time is going towards servicing the spinoff rather than servicing Arrow. There was never any threat to the team or to Ray that could be taken seriously given how much we know about Legends of Tomorrow. That said, Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards gave great performances and it was nice to see some drama in their relationship. Your enjoyment of the episode definitely hinges on how invested you are in the Olicity storyline.

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