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Arrow – S4E8 – Legends of Yesterday

Previously on Arrow, ‘Brotherhood,’ and on The Flash, ‘Legends of Today’

This episode could have also been titled, ‘Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.’

Everyone does everything wrong and it results in the team failing miserable when they go up against Vandal Savage:

Kendra listens to Carter when he advises her to tap into her inner warrior to unleash her powers. Apparently the wings at the end of The Flash’s episode was a one-time thing. There’s no rage to be found when it counts and Vandal kills her and Carter.

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Because Cisco is butthurt that Kendra is connecting with Carter, he doesn’t put his best effort into creating gloves that can enable someone other than Vandal to wield the Staff of Horus.

And Oliver sneaks off to confront Samantha about her son, William. She doesn’t tell him the truth, and he swipes a strand of the boy’s hair in order to have Barry run a paternity test. William is indeed Oliver’s son. When he confronts his ex again, she agrees to let him get to know William, but she doesn’t want anyone in Oliver’s life knowing about his son – and that includes Felicity.

Despite agreeing to not tell Felicity about the paternity test, Barry does. She questions Oliver, again, about his weird behavior and disappearances and he lies. She calls him on it and the two have a relationship ending argument. As a result, he’s not on his game either at the Vandal showdown, and he dies when Vandal activates the staff. Actually, everyone in Central City dies.

The Flash S2E8 - Vandal Savage

Except Barry.

Barry leaves Oliver to die and runs back in time. Armed with knowledge they didn’t have before, Barry tells Oliver about the test and the fallout with Felicity and Oliver coaxes Cisco into being the one who helps Kendra.

This time, everything goes as it should, with assists from Black Canary, Speedy, and Diggle.

Yay! Day saved! All is right with the world.


Not so fast.

Cisco and Kendra have a bittersweet goodbye as she’s headed off with Carter to use their powers to help others. Oliver does – once again- agree to Samantha’s terms in the new timeline, and even gets to spend time with his son. But when he gets home to Star City, he lies to Felicity about it because Oliver gonna Oliver.

Oh, and Malcolm scoops up Vandal’s ashy remains, murmuring that Vandal (his friend) now owes him a favor. Because Malcolm gonna Malcolm.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s The Flash podcast!

Arrow S4E8
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Of the two crossover episodes, this one worked the best. The main cast were not on their turf, everyone behaved in character. It still felt like an Arrow episode with a dash of The Flash. Even though we know these episodes need to happen at a quick pace to set-up Legends of Tomorrow’s January premiere, the Arrow storyline never felt like it was just making things happen to hurry it along. The decisions made by the characters on The Flash were not as strong, so it felt like things were happening only because they need get the Hawks off the show.

Oliver’s son was a nice side plotline that I wasn’t sure they were going to address this season. And seeing Barry once again turn back time (while super convenient) was great.

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5 Comments on Arrow – S4E8 – Legends of Yesterday

  1. Damn now I gotta watch an episode of arrow to finish the episode… I don’t want to watch Arrow…

  2. For the podcast: (quick rant) I disliked the white washing egyptian throwback scenes for “The Hawks” & Savage. It’s on the same level as the controversy surrounding the casting of white actors protraying Egyptians in Gods of Egypt & Exodus. Even tho it’s a part of Hawk girls backstory, It was ridiculous. And what’s with all the characters standing around, talking fast, everyone throwing in their 2 cents individually, to solve a problem? Irritating. & why did Caitlin have to have Joe call Jay to help with Wells? She couldn’t have called Jay directly? Why did she call Joe 1st? He didn’t do anything except call Jay! & under normal circumstances Cisco & Kendra is a very unlikely couple. She seems way too mature for Cisco. It seems Cisco & Patty would ideally make for a better couple (based on their personalities). Finally, why, when fighting Savage do they have to be given prompts to pitch in. All i heard during the big fight seen was “Hawkgirl, now! Barry, now!” , etc. Just get y’all asses in there & fight. Ok, i’m done. Thanks for the podcast!


    Couple quick things

    1. Fuck Oliver’s baby mama!! You can’t tell me who I can and cannot tell about my new found son!! That 💩 really annoyed me, how exactly did he ask her for the world? Oh she sitting on her high 🐎 bc she didn’t cash that million dollar ✅, that tells me all I need to know! Not only is she a liar, but she a dumb one at that!! Ugh did I mention I hate her?!?? Then she bought bad guy action figures for her son to play with?!? Where dey do dat at? I bet that chick eats crackers annoying as hell too!!

    Last thing is Cisco, he just needs to say fuck it and turn heel!! I’m sick of these long sweet goodbyes!! He do all the work and hawk nigga, and whoever golden glider fucking getting all the rewards!!(bc u kno she getting it in). Sorry I just had to stand up for my homie I got cho back bro 💯✊🏾

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!!

  4. For the podcast

    Where the fuck was Iris!? The Flash episode was good but more Iris would have made it so much better.

    The action scenes were on point! Savage is a beast! That scene at Olicity’s house was awesome! Then you have Thea for the temporary save!

    Malcolm & Barry had me dying the whole time. Malcolm gets the best entrances. And Barry was so sassy. Hilarious!

    Love all the bromance on here. Cisco & Barry are the best! But damn he totally snitched on The Flash’s secret identity. And the Barry/Oliver hug was adorable.

    So what do you guys think that the fact that Ollie’s son lives in Central City mean that we’ll see him on the Flash more? And why the hell is he keeping this kid secret from Felicity? Idiot!

    Is it me or is Jay getting less and less attractive the more they show him? Or it could be all his bitchassness?

    Why must we be subjected to Patty NoNo? Why? She’s doing too damn much! And whose car is Harry driving? Where did it come from? Wouldn’t currency be different on Earth 2?

    Ok. That’s it. Can’t wait to listen to the podcast! Sorry for the length.

  5. For the podcast (has flash and arrow feedback)
    What is John diggle’s super hero name? Oliver is green arrow and Thea is red arrow. What is John? Cisco is uber cute. I need a Cisco in my poor dating life lol. But dang he finally finds a girl and she already has a partner of 4,000 years! Also, did the spinal injury cause for Barry to not to be able to go as fast as he used to be able to permanently?Or does he simply have to like redo his speedster boot camp from season 1 to be that fast again? Cisco and Barry face when hawk guy tries to get Kendra to fall again is hilarious! I wonder if wells has done some experimenting on jay earlier and that’s how he knows the other serums don’t work.Just a picky thing: I don’t like that in comic books male characters are men ( superman, iron man) but grown ass women are called girl (hawkgirl, supergirl). Why would Sam care if felicity knows that William is Oliver’s son? Do y’all agree with her terms? Did y’all agree with Oliver not telling felicity? I think it’s going to blow up in his face. So did the hawk people get their wings from the Horus god when they were reborn? Finally, Where was iris these whole two episodes?

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