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The Lances Are A Real Family

Arrow stars Paul Blackthorne, Caity Lotz, and Katie Cassidy took the stage Saturday at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest to talk about their nuclear family nestled in the center of Star City’s craziness this year. The three stars had an easy rapport with each other that their characters don’t always get to display what with the resurrections, substance abuse, and lies that plague their onscreen counterparts.

First off, on-set Cassidy usually goes by KC to avoid confusion with her sister Sara played by Caity Lotz. A lot of the panel focused on the relationships between the women on the show. Caity’s favorite character is Felicity because she likes the levity that Felicity brings to the show. And both women agreed that the scene with Thea, Laurel, and Sara breaking into Kord Enterprised showcased their superhero identities and friendship. Caity did lament not knowing when Nyssa and Sara would be reunited now that Sara has been resurrected. And Katie reiterated the Nyssa love. Perhaps Laurel will take the opportunity to steal Sara’s girlfriend since Sara dated her boyfriend. Laurel doesn’t have to worry about Sara though: Cassidy did let it slip that Laurel will be getting her own nemesis this season.

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Captain Lance on the other hand has waited four seasons to finally get a love interest and the person who’s most happy about that is Paul Blackthorne. Even though Captain Lance won’t be getting a superhero alter ego, Blackthorne talked about how happy he is to have something brewing with Donna Smoak, played by Charlotte Ross. As Blackthorne joked, Oliver’s dated everyone while Lance “hasn’t gotten laid in years”.

Although Sara is resurrected, her return to Star City was short lived since Caity is shooting Legends of Tomorrow as the White Canary. As we know, the story will involve lots of time hopping and Caity hopes we can see some flashbacks to Sara’s time training in Nanda Parbat. That would definitely open some doors for more Nyssa/Sara interaction.

A fan surprised Katie Cassidy with a birthday cake and the panel ended with a rousing applause from the fans. Paul Blackthorne made sure to take a picture of all the fans and their happy faces.

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