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Arrow’s Diggle is Officially Spartan

Images: The CW

If you blinked you may have missed Felicity call Diggle ‘Spartan’ in this season’s sixth episode of Arrow.  David Ramsey confirmed that Spartan is his official codename at the first Heroes & Villains Fan Fest a few weeks ago in San Jose. The actor’s panel was full of scoop. All weekend he responded to the fan’s questions about his “Magneto” helmet and confirmed that it would be getting some S.T.A.R. Labs upgrades after the recent Flarrow crossover. The mask will continue to get some upgrades as needed.

Making Diggle into a superhero has been a slow process. When Ramsey was cast, the original name for the character was John Stewart Diggle, indicating that the producers intended for him to become Green Lantern (now all those Green Lantern references make sense). As DC has started to ramp up its cinematic universe, Arrow has had to adjust its plans and now they are building Spartan from the ground up. We should see more action from Spartan when Diggle and Lyla come to Central City to track down a member of the Suicide Squad in what Ramsey called a “Flashover” later in the season. He also hinted that this member of the Suicide Squad might be Killer Croc.

Although Ramsey loves the idea of Earth-2 and would love to see an Earth-2 Diggle (maybe with a power ring?), he really loves the moments between Original Team Arrow. For Ramsey and the fans, the three of them have always been the core of the show and above all it’s what keeps the story grounded.

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