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Attack on Titan – S1E11 – Idol/Attack on Trost, Part 7

Previously, on Attack on Titan: “Attack on Trost, Part 6

Sparing no time in this week’s episode; General Pixis calls for his staff to assemble and start to flesh out this plan. Armin, the wise guy who said that he believed that Eren’s titan power would beneficial suddenly doubts his own idea. Eren says there’s no point in arguing. The general sees something they can’t. But there’s a bigger problem that needs to be address before they mount the counteroffensive. They’re in a race against time.

In the streets below, word gets out that there’s a plan to retake Trost. For most of the soldiers everyone is like “Fuck that noise.” That traumatized soldier is at the head of the dissent, crying and screaming. When he’s approached by a superior and asked if he’d abandon his duty he says ‘Damn right!” He’s got it in his head that this is a pointless effort and that they’re all just committing suicide. At this point, no one’s surprised that both went for their swords.

Attack on Titan | Get It Together Daz

People hear the commotion and get it into their heads that they’d rather kill themselves than be eaten by a titan. The idea is that if everyone starts to rebel, then they can get out of here. John shoots a question at one of the soldiers; if he runs, where is he going to go? He simply replies; “To see my daughter!”

Attack on Titan | Woermann readies his blade

On the wall, General Pixis relays a story to Eren. Back in the day, it was said that humanity fought endless wars based on ethnic or ideologies. Then some jerk tempted fate by saying if there was an enemy that was a greater threat than any human, they’d unite against a common threat. Eren thinks that such a story isn’t as profound as one would think. General Pixis laughs, saying that Eren’s about as warped as he is. Eren replies that he feels that way because even as the human race hangs onto its fragile existence, they are hardly united. As they continue their walk, they see Hannes. He throws Eren a wave and Eren points down. Hannes isn’t sure what he meant by that but is nonetheless relieved that Eren is fine. But why is he walking with the General? He offers Eren a swig from his flask. He takes it as an order and takes a huge gulp. Then spits it out.

Attack on Titan | Have a Drink

Just as shit is about to go down, General Pixis calls for their attention. He lays out the plan to seal the hole in the gate. Everyone stops and looks at him. Did he just say they were going to seal the breach? He brings forth Eren and tells them that he is the successful product of a top secret experiment to create a Human titan. These powers allow him to create a titan body and use it at will.  When he changes into Titan form, he’ll carry the boulder to the gate and slam-dunk it into the gap, preventing other titans from getting in.

Attack on Titan | Armin Doubts

Armin is discussing further details with the General’s staff. Titans go where most of the humans are. Using that to their advantage; the most people will have to do is just lure them away from Eren. But it still requires a small detachment of troops to protect him from any possible attacks as well as to fight the titans that are still trickling in. This of course hinges on if Eren can lift the boulder. It’s the biggest gamble and Armin has his doubts. The two soldiers with Armin understand his doubts. They’re concerned about throwing everything they’ve got left into this one plan with no real assurance that it’ll work. But they know time’s a factor and the more they put this off, the more titans start to file through and the less likely the plan has any chance of working. What’s worse, is they can only motivate the troops so much with the use of fear.

Attack on Titan | The Forced March

Speaking of the troops, Daz (Mr. Defeatist) says the whole thing is bullshit and opts out of the plan. He and several other soldiers do an about face and start to leave. They plan on spending the rest of Humanity’s last days with their families. The Officers know that if this keeps up, it’ll turn into a revolt if not outright muntiny. Remember Woermann? He sees this going on and as we’ve come to expect from him, draws his sword and tells that all them had better be ready to die for treason. General Pixis stops him again and says that everyone who decides to leave will be pardoned. Those who lived through the horror of seeing the titans first hand should leave! That is, of course if they want their loved ones to relive that terror. So fuck off; he basically says. One soldier stops in his tracks and the image of his daughter being devoured is what makes him turn back.

Now that the General really has their undivided attention; he wants to talk about Operation: Reclaim Wall Maria. As much as it was to reclaim the wall from the Titans; the cold, harsh, reality of it was that it was a culling. They drove out that 20 percent to quell any chance of a rebellion and if they let another wall be overrun, they won’t be able to support even half of the population in there. And if that happens; the Titans won’t be the ones that wipe off humanity. It’ll be humanity itself. So they cannot perish inside another inner wall. Instead, he asks them to die here and now. Die fighting for their lives! Eren knows what he has to do as everyone’s last hope. He has to make this work.

Attack on Titan | Lifting the Boulder

General Pixis issues orders to his trusted subordinates. There’s no way to put it lightly but their abilities determine the success of this plan. They’ll do their part but they still have their doubts. The General replies that he’s tired of losing to those beasts. That’s all they’ve done since day one. So in order to get this one win, they need to put all their faith in Eren. With final words to motivate them, he tells them that the fate of humankind rests in their hands.
Eren and Mikasa are getting into another argument about who’s following who and that he’s not her kid brother any more. To clear things up, turns out she’s assigned to protect Eren, much to his displeasure. The squad that’s protecting him, they tell him that he needs to really think about what’s happening now. People are going to die in the execution of the plan. All of them have hopes and feelings and family. Many of them will perish in this and it’s his responsibility to make sure that they don’t die in vain.

Attack on Titan | Eren Changes

As Eren springs into action, the General says that for the first time in years, they will succeed in reclaiming their territory and such an accomplishment, no matter how small will be the biggest strike back for Humanity. Eren triggers his transformation but instead of lifting the boulder, he swings at Mikasa.

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