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Attack on Titan – S1E12 – Flaw/Attack on Trost, Part 8

Previously, on Attack on Titan: “Attack on Trost, Part 7

The plan to retake Trost has begun! And it’s begun with a terrible start. Eren took a swing at Mikasa. She’s fine, but this is going to shit quickly. While the majority of the titans are gathered in a corner, they’ve still suffered losses. General Pixis knows that they died because of his orders. He knows he’ll be called a butcher but with humanity at the brink of extinction he doesn’t give two fucks. He’ll send the troops he’s got to their deaths if it means saving everyone else.

Attack on Titan | Here is where we stand

Back at the boulder, Eren swings, Mikasa dodges. Barely. His military escort sees this and they try to get her away from him. She jumps onto his face and tries to get through to him. Things like “human” and “Boulder” and “Hole” and “The” have no effect on him. He tries to smash her but she moves just in time for him to eat his own fist. Down he goes and a flare is shot, signaling to the wall that the plan is shot. With titans now bearing down on the squad, the decision is unanimous. They have to bail out now. Mikasa looks back at the squad leader with the same fury that Eren’s titan eyes had.

Attack on Titan | Eren loses it

Back at the wall, they see the red flare and everyone’s hearts sink. Armin, not being one to sit around drops his pack and heads out. The General’s subordinates ask what’s next, if they’re going to pull back, concentrate on defending the gate, that stuff. He replies no, they’re to keep drawing the titans in and as for the Elite squad that’s out there, the decision to retreat is on the leader out there. They hold the fate of humanity in their hands, and they alone will decide what the next step.

Attack on Titan | Heartbreak

Speaking of which, the leader in question still hasn’t issued an order and clock’s ticking. Two of the soldiers are ready to leave and Mikasa is ready to send heads rolling before she’s stopped. Squad leader tells them to split up and take the two smaller ones while he loops around and gets the big one. They’re going to protect Eren until they can revive him. If they lose him, he can’t be replaced. One soldier screams at him; they’ve lost hundreds of soldiers already, is he seriously telling them to sacrifice more for Eren’s sake? The Squad Leader shoots back; yes he is. No matter what the cost is, they have to keep trying!

Attack on Titan | It's my Call!

John meets up with Connie and the others. They tell him what we already know. Armin took off to help Eren, the plan’s hit a snag, and people are dying. After today it really is nothing new. Connie says it seems like a waste, herding the titans into one area but John says right now that’s all they can do. This keeps their losses at a minimum. Connie gets a crazy look in his eyes and looks at John. Minimal losses? Okay, he says. Let’s keep it small by going out there! Crazy? I think so.

So the Elite Squad is still arguing over the order to keep defending Eren. They still ask why, and the leader finally asks them; “Do you know another way to beat the Titans?” They don’t. The leader doesn’t, no one does. There’s no alternative to the shit-caked plan that they have now. It’s a shitty hand they’ve been dealt. All they can do as humans is fight back with all they’ve got against these towering creatures and put their faith in what is the biggest X factor in their existence. Rico, the one who’s been most vocal against everything says she can’t go along with this. But she refuses to die like dogs and takes her squad to fight the biggest titan. Mikasa thanks the Leader for forcing them to press on. He says she scared him earlier so there’s no need for thanks. He tells her to stay here and watch Eren. When he asks why she’s so protective he tells her softly; “He’s Family.”

Attack on Titan | Born of this world

Inside the titan, we see Eren in a trance. He’s totally unaware of what’s happening outside. As far as he knows he’s back at home and everything that’s happened has been a dream. Outside, Armin’s arrived and is trying to get him awake while Mikasa and the Elite Squad fight off the titans that get close. Mikasa in all her bad assery stops another titan from getting to Eren. Armin with his quick thinking draws his blade and drives it down just nicking Eren’s arm. He’s going to try and get to Eren. The equivalent to pricking him with a needle, Eren-Titan roars out in pain. Armin tells Mikasa to help the others and leave him to deal with Eren. While Armin’s voice travels through the blade, Eren barely hears him. He doesn’t know that he’s in a titan’s body and doesn’t feel the need to go outside. Outside….that’s when Eren starts to come to.

In another part of Trost, John, Connie, and Annie are moving and luring the titans to the corner. Connie narrowly escapes the clutches of one and before it makes another grab, John fires a hook into its hand to draw him away from Connie so he can escape. Once that’s done John tries to scurry away. But his gear craps out on him as another titan lumbers behind him. Oh shit. He hauls ass and Connies and Annie watches from the top of the wall. John ducks into an empty building and waits for the titan to pass.

As havoc rages on, Armin is still trying to get through to Eren. He reminds him of the promise they made. That they were going to explore the world outside of the walls. The same world that Armin’s parents had gone to explore. Armin asks why did Eren want to go outside into the hell outside of the wall? Eren snaps back to reality and tells him that he was born of this world!

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