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Attack on Titan – S1E19 – Bite/The 57th Expedition, Part 3

Previously, on Attack on Titan: “The 57th Expedition, Part 2

Attack on Titan | Single Shot

Levi fires the shot, and I don’t know if it’s to shut everyone up or sending out a signal.  No flare, just a loud pop. Eren shows how green he still is by freaking out over the lack of colored smoke. Everyone else, despite how scared they are tells him to keep pressing forward. Eren cries out for every soldier that bites the dust and is starting to fight with the other squad members over their orders. That’s when he gets the idea; he could just transform into his titan shape and fight the bitch head on. Levi leaves it up to him to make the choice. Petra begs Eren to trust them.

Attack on Titan | Trust Us

This triggers a flashback. In the month they spent prepping for this slaughter, they had to come up with a way test Eren’s abilities without losing people in the process. So they drop him in a well, that way if he goes into a blind bloodlust, he’ll be trapped. But he doesn’t transform and that creates a new problem. No transformation means no sealing the wall. At chow, when they’re mulling over what’s keeping him from changing, a simple reach for a tea spoon and BOOM. Eren’s formed an entire arm.

Attack on Titan | Stand Down

Levi’s squad draws their swords the moment the steam clears. As hardened as all of these Scouts are, they still freak the fuck out when they see Eren transform. Levi tells everyone to chill out. They keep hammering with questions and threats. Levi right now is the only person that is keeping Eren alive. Cutting into the action is Zoe who is fan-girling like no one I’ve ever seen before over the small transformation. When Eren pulls his arm out of the mold, it almost instantly vaporizes. But not before Zoe notices that the spoon Eren went for is clutched in the massive titan hand. Undamaged.

Attack on Titan | Would You look at that?

Later that night, Zoe gathers everyone who was at Eren’s transformation together. She presents the theory that Eren can only turn into a titan when he has a clear goal. Stopping the cannon shot, lifting the boulder, fighting titans from the brink of death; all clear goals. Levi’s squad, realizing the error of their reaction and lack of trust bite their hands. When Petra asks him to place their trust in them, he’s snapped back into the situation at hand and he decides not to transform. Perfect timing as they pass the supply wagons, all tipped over to reveal cannons. Even the Female Titan is caught off guard as Erwin’s gives the order to fire and thunderous roars are heard.

Attack on Titan | Caught you, Bitch

Levi meets up with Erwin and he’s impressed that they led her to the ambush point. Levi says it cost the lives of a lot of troops. As they look at the captured Female Titan, Levi only hopes that they aren’t pissing themselves in that husk.

Looks like they’ve caught another break in the pain and strife that is always present in this series. But we all know better, don’t we?

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