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Attack on Titan – S1E21 – Iron Hammer/The 57th Expedition, Part 5

Previously, on Attack on Titan: “The 57th Expedition, Part 4

Attack on Titan | Erwin Knows

This week, it isn’t any more direct than this. Erwin knows that there’s a traitor in the midst of the Scout Regiment. He bounces ideas off of Hanzi. The reason they haven’t found the people inside of the titans is that suspect may have equipped 3D gear to escape. It’s highly unlikely but not far-fetched. Elsewhere, Eren isn’t given much time to grieve over Gunther’s death before Oturo tells him to haul ass. Whoever killed their comrade is gunning for them next.

Attack on Titan | Eren There Is No Time

Levi’s Squad in their haste abandon the horses and continue to protect Eren. Petra threatens the operator of the female titan and she replies by turning into a titan. Before Eren can fight her with his form, the squad tells him to head for HQ. They got this bitch. At this time, they can’t risk him transforming and being killed. He’s an invaluable resource. So they ask him to trust in their abilities yet again. Eren keeps moving and lets them have at her.

Attack on Titan | You're mine

That’s when we see them do work. They make quick work of her arms and eyes without even breathing a word. Even as fast as Titans regenerate, they have her backed up against a tree. Eren can’t shake it though; he looks back. We watch Eld get chewed up and spat out. That bitch focused healing one eye and stomps Petra into a tree. Oturo doesn’t fair better; he is kicked through the forest and his gear is scattered across the ground. This is some serious Game of Thrones type of brutality.

Attack on Titan | Chewed up and Spit Out

The female titan proves to be the deadliest enemy they’ve ever faced and Eren witnesses all of it. Then decides to avenge all of the fallen by dropping in on her in his Titan form. Erwin, Mikasa-anyone within range of his roar start to head towards the titan brawl. Even with her arms flapping about, she still holds her own as Eren slaps her around. The first one on scene, Levi sees all of his subordinates. His face is emotionless as ever. As Eren pins the Female down, in the midst of all his anger and sorrow, he berates himself for making the wrong choice. They might still be alive if he had just transformed. His trust in them got them killed.

Attack on Titan | Clash of the Titans

In his haste to smash in her head he loses both hands to the earth. But Eren monologues as his hands heal. The Female kicks him off but he bounces back, and they get into a good old fashioned boxing match. She gets in a good strike with an armored fist knocking his freakin’ jaw off. It’s a great hit actually, but he fires back with an uppercut Ryu would be proud of. With both of them battered and bleeding, The Female Titan gives it one last shot. Hardening the blade part of her arm and hand, she cuts through tree and titan, exposing the nape of Eren’s titan form.

Attack on Titan | Sliced

Mikasa gets on the scene just in time to see the Female Titan bite off the nape with Eren in it. Mikasa chases after her, demanding Eren be given back to her. She’s fueled by the same rage and she single handedly brings the titan to her knees, all while plotting to draw and quarter the titan and the pilot. Before she can continue her onslaught, Levi scoops her up and says to just stay on her. She’s gassed out so all they need to do is watch her. And the 64,000 dollar question: Is Eren still alive?

Attack on Titan | Give Him Back

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