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Attack on Titan – S1E23 – Smile/Stohess District, Part 1

Previously, on Attack on Titan: “The 57th Expedition, Part 6

The Stohess district. Think of it as the Dubai of the giant walled city this show takes place in. Everything’s nice, clean, expensive and the people here are sheltered. They take great comfort in the fact that they are within Wall Sina. The only thing that’s worth talking about though is the return of the Scout Regiment and Eren’s fate. They’re hoping it all blows over and that they just seal the gate. Which sets off one of the members that Wall Cult/Church.

Attack on Titan | You're awake

At the MP headquarters, Annie lumbers down the stairs and is greeted by her new squad-mates. And by greeted I mean by the only unusually cheery girl who based on the comments of the others, is the girl who ‘rode’ her way to the top. Their CO shows up before the banter gets heated. He’s half asleep with actual orders instead of bullshit jobs. They’re being cleared to use their 3D Manuvering gear to escort the Scout Regiment and Eren through the city. One of the rookies asks why are the escorting the Regiment? Is there any reason to suspect an attack from the inside? The CO tells him off and thrusts the briefing into his hands. As he heads back into the Officer’s quarters we catch a glimpse of the benefits that come with authority.

Attack on Titan | Shit Rolls Downhill

At the rendezvous point where they’re supposed to meet with the Scouts, the rookie squad bitches. The Boy Scout is pissed that none of the senior members if anyone at all takes their duties seriously. He makes a bold statement that he’s going to advance his way to the top and reform the Military Police. Easy as that.

Attack on Titan | Goddamn It

The ditzy girl falls over in laughter and another tells him it’s a noble goal but good luck with that. That’s when Annie speaks up. She tells him that he could end all of them. Because he, like others she knows can muster up a lot of courage to go against the flow. He refuses to be lumped in with the likes of them and does so by issuing them to move out.

Attack on Titan | Goverment Issued Goods

When they get to the ferry line, they see two other Senior MPs with a merchant. They watch as the barge leaves with weapons. That are supposed to be for the soldiers. Now how about that huh? Marlo, the Boy Scout runs up and tries to cite them. It’s illegal to sell government property, so-on and so-forth. They laugh at him, toss him a couple coins and tell him to piss off. Marlo makes his mistake when he grabs one by the shoulder. His partner swings in and puts the ass end of his rifle into Marlo for ‘insubordination.’ Before things get really bad, Annie and the ditz swoop in. They tell the senior officers that they’ll keep him on a tighter leash. As they turn away, Marlo contemplates going for his gun and blowing them both away. He doesn’t and realizes the futility of his mission to change the Military Police.

Attack on Titan | Settle Down, Rookie

When the convoy rolls in later, Annie who was at her post is called off to the side by Armin and she is surprised to see him. Why is that? No time to explain as Armin asks her to help hide Eren. They need time to gather some evidence that’ll change the minds of the government. Just as she’s about to refuse he tells her that they need to do this or they’ll kill Eren and with that kill their last bit of hope. There’s a small eerie moment where Annie asks if Armin thinks she’s a nice person. And he replies that’s only used when someone’s convenient to them. Annie sets her rifle down, puts on her ring and follows.

Attack on Titan | Help us, Annie

With Eren and Mikasa they head to an underground passage which Annie stops at. There’s no chance in hell she’s going down there, being a frail damsel in her words. Eren tells her to cut the shit and get down here. She doesn’t budge. She is afraid and won’t help unless they stay above ground. When Eren starts to get crazy, Mikasa tells him to quiet down. Annie says don’t bother. This place has been deserted for a while now.

Attack on Titan | Get Down Here

We see the other members of the Scout Regiment posted along the rooftops and civilians hiding in every nook and cranny. Armin, with a gun in hand asks why she had Marco’s 3D gear. She said she found it and took it. The two titans that were captured, she doesn’t admit or deny anything. But the cat is out of the bag. She is the Female Titan. And she can’t believe she didn’t kill Armin when she had the chance. Eren begs her to prove that she isn’t by coming down into the tunnel with them. That’s when Mikasa is done with the bullshit. She’s ready to cut Annie to shreds.

Attack on Titan | It's Go Time, Bitch

Annie reacts coldly. By coldly she laughs as if they were all insects mounted in a case. She laughs and tells Armin that he’s won their bet on her being a ‘good person.’ But her bet begins now. Before she bites down on her finger to trigger her transformation, Armin fires the percussion cap and the civilians pull the urban ninja attack and pounce on her. She’s gagged and unable to bite her finger. But that ring, that ring had a pin in it. She triggers her transformation as Mikasa takes Eren and Armin further underground to escape her.

Attack on Titan | Like a Bitch

Who saw that coming?

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