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Attack on Titan – S1E24 – Mercy/Stohess District Raid, Part 2

Previously, on Attack on Titan: “Stohess Distric Raid, Part 1

Rewind the clock a bit. Several days before they headed to Stohess, Erwin briefs everyone on a plan to capture the Female Titan who has been confirmed to be in Stohess. It’s simple, Eren will lead her down into the underground passage way so that even if she does transform, she’ll be contained. This is a pretty solid plan but who’s the target? It’s a silly question because before Erwin says her name, Eren knows who it is. Annie Leonhert.

Attack on Titan | Reaching for the Mice

Back in the present, Annie feels blindly for Eren. Armin kicks himself in the ass for letting her see through the plan so easily. They turn the corner and when he gives the word for Squad 3 to go with plan b, they get stomped. Annie is risking it all to get Eren and she starts to stomp in the tunnels. So they’re screwed since they can’t use their 3D gear to zip out and screwed if they stay. Not all is lost though, when Eren decides to transform to protect Mikasa and Armin. Like with the cannon fire. He chomps down and…

Attack on Titan | Bite Down Deep

Nothing. He bites again, deeper, harder. Nothing but blood flows. He can’t transform and now they’re screwed. Eren doesn’t know why he can’t but Mikasa does. Eren is holding out hope for her in spite of what he’s seen. He refuses to fight against someone who was there with them from the beginning. Before things get worse, Armin tells Mikasa to throw on Eren’s cloak. They’ll run in opposite directions and bait her that way. It means one of them might die but if they don’t, they’ll all die. So they split off with Eren asking how can they fight against their old friend? Mikasa says they don’t have any other choice. Then Annie crushes Eren under his foot.

Attack on Titan | Curb Stomp

Armin and Mikasa swing into the air and while he checks on Eren, Mikasa gets to have the bitch fight she’s wanted since the forest. Spin moves, fingers gone but Mikasa gets slapped down. Back at the prisoner drop off, Erwin tells the MP commander to dispatch troops to the incident and treat it like it’s a Titan attack. He scoffs but sends a couple of the rookies we saw earlier to check it out. John tells the guard watching him to piss off as he grabs his gear and heads into battle. He sees the MPs just standing there in shock and he can’t believe he ever wanted to be a part of them.

Attack on Titan | Chaos in Sina

Commander Erwin and Levi get into a pissing contest with Nile, the head of the MPs. Erwin issues orders to capture the Female Titan while Nile points a gun in his face. This guy needs to focus on the real matter on hand and less about the jurisdiction bullshit. Back with Eren, Armin, and John work to get him out of the rubble but Eren’s slipping out of consciousness. In a final bid to get him to move, Armin tells him the same thing that he told John. If he isn’t willing to give up something, he won’t be able to change anything. Then he joins John in daring move to get Annie to follow.

Attack on Titan | Now you will suffer

Annie has the advantage over them knowing how their 3D gear and the Scouts still had one last battery of cannons left to capture her. She falls into the same trap but there just wasn’t enough cannons to secure her legs properly. But to be fair, I’d defy all odds to get away from Hanzi with a sword to my big brown eyes. A second transformation is triggered. Armin’s words got through to Eren and he rises from the rubble with the all the rage and fury from the day he watched his mother be killed by a titan. He catches up and with a wild haymaker, punches Annie into a building.

Attack on Titan | SHORYUKEN!

The rematch of the century is about to begin. ARE YOU READY?!

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