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Attack on Titan – S1E9 – What Happened to His Left Arm?/Attack on Trost Part 5

Previously on Attack on Titan: “Attack on Trost Part 4

Everyone done with being shocked? No? Well tough; this anime is FULL of those. To give a brief overview on the attack thus far; while no civilian lives where lost, the military casualties have been catastrophic. The Titan attack went nearly unchecked due to the absence of the elite Scout Regiment. They’d gone out on a mission beyond the wall. Cut to earlier that day, the cadets and the townsfolk sending them off.

Attack on Titan | Commander Erwin

Even in a group as elite as they are, there are a few that stick out. Some of them more obvious than others. Commander Erwin hears a request to kick some ass and it’s rumored that Top Sergeant Levi has the strength of an entire brigade! Levi has this look on his face that most reluctant heroes have. He doesn’t think he’s anyone special; why should the people? The soldier next to him understands by taking a jab at him. There is no one in the entire regiment let alone the whole of remnant of Humanity that is more excited than she. It’s safe to say she’s a scientist of sorts; marveling at what kind of titans they’ll see. She’s even excited at the thought of maybe running into a unique variant.

Attack on Titan | Levi and the Scientist

Scouting the outside world and establishing bases is part of the job of the Scout Regiment. Things have changed from when we last saw the regiment come through. This current incarnation of troops come from the best of the best, and because of that were able to live longer. Still, given the massive size of the titans the casualty rates were at painful 30%. Back in Trost, one of these elite soldiers dangles from the jaw of a Titan. With what’s left of his strength, he slams one sword right to the hilt into its cheek. He tells the titan that humanity will be the last ones standing; right after they wipe the Titans off the earth. In response, the titan clamps down tighter. Just when he’s about to be snapped in half; Sergeant Levi cuts down the titan faster than anyone we’ve seen so far. As it hits the ground he issues orders to his subordinates. Tend to the wounded, you two get the one on the right, and I’ll take the two on the left. The way they move seems to dispel the terror that the titans bring. Hell, even the scientist chick with all her enthusiasm to study how they work makes a short task of them. After Levi scores a double kill he drops down to where the soldier is. He’s going to die but before he passes to the next world, he honors the man’s service by telling him that his commitment will give him the strength to press on. Commander Erwin shows up and gives the order to pull back. Trost is under attack, a repeat of five years ago.

Attack on Titan | An Honored Sacrifice

Wonder how Eren did what he did? Well you get an idea when we cut to Eren, bloodied and beaten and floating in the stomach of a titan. It’s a truly horrifying sight, being digested next to your comrades. Eren raises his left stub to the gap above him. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, right?

Attack on Titan | Not like this

Different from five years ago, he knows that. He remembers his vow. He WILL kill all the titans. On the outside we see that titan enjoying the Eren-Snack. Then a fucking ARM shoots out of its mouth and like some crazy flesh cocoon, emerges the Titan-Killing-Titan variant.

Attack on Titan | Runty Titan Punch

No. Wait. WHAT? We hear Eren’s voice saying he’s going to kill the Titans. A runt titan spots him and pounces. He connects with an upper cut then curb stomps him into the ground. Eren’s voice comes back stronger with each stomp. He wants to kill. He’s going to kill them all. We see him say this with the creepiest looking murder-face in all of ever. Armin gets thrown for a bit. That’s when Eren realizes where he is. They’re behind the wall. Armin and Mikasa plead with him to tell them what happened. “Them” consists of what looks to be an entire battalion of soldiers and that prick commander from earlier. Cannons are loaded and blades are drawn. What they heard was that Eren wants to kill and devour them. Well, that’s not awkward at all.

Attack on Titan | So You Heard That

Elsewhere, while the cadets await orders Connie breaks down the events for Ymir and Crista. Remember them? Connie tells them that who’s here is what’s left. Save for Mikasa, Eren, and Armin. He doesn’t reveal what happened for reasons. Hannes is on the wall, monitoring the situation closely. The giant roped net is draped over the gate and that acts as an effect deterrent. One of his subordinates is concerned about the vanguard, since the last messenger looked pretty pale. Hannes understands this but tells him he needs to focus on what’s here. He’s a little chatty, as he asks Hannes about Eren and his friends. Hannes knows that they’re still alive. They’ve always made it.

Attack on Titan | A whole lot of Titans

Back at base, Commander Prick tells them from the safety behind the troops that the actions of our trio constitute treason. He’s deciding what he should do with him. Based on the last episode, you know he’d just kill them. To help with his decision process he issues the following ultimatum/threat/order; if you don’t tell the truth or if you move from that spot, they’ll fire the cannon. So the moment of truth; is he human or titan?

Attack on Titan | That Prick Awaits

Eren truthfully answers; he doesn’t have a goddamned clue. The Prick doesn’t buy it and refuses to give Eren the chance to change form. Apparently there are witnesses that saw him emerge from the titan corpse. As troops in His Majesty’s service, the right course of action is to deal with any threat immediately. They don’t have the time or manpower to deal with Eren. So they need to make a decision now. Lest the Armored Titan shows up again. His subordinates all say that they should just kill him. Mikasa steps forward, announcing that she’s acquired a set of skills that make her very dangerous.

Attack on Titan | Come and get a taste

And she dares them to come get a taste. Armin tries to get her to stand down but she isn’t having it. She’ll kill whoever she has to in order to make sure Eren stays safe. There’s no other reason. Armin says that they need to talk with them; otherwise this epidemic of fear is going to get bubonic all over their asses. Eren is trying to piece it together. He thinks what had happen was a dream. But he comes to the realization that where the sleeve is gone and the other injuries he sustained; that all happened. But he can’t give the wrong answer or they’re all dead. Eren says he’s a human. The Prick hears and decides that since no one can prove that Eren’s not evil, he’s going to kill them. Mikasa grabs Eren and tries to flee over the wall before the cannon’s fired. Eren starts to have flashbacks.

Attack on Titan | By All Means, Get There

It’s his dad. As tears roll from his eyes, he tells Eren that the injection will block his memory from that moment on. Hang onto the key, retake Wall Maria, and get to that basement. The memories will teach Eren how to use “this.” Eren snaps into focus. He slips off Mikasa’s shoulder, pulls her and Armin close as his father’s word echo in his head. To save Mikasa, Armin, and the whole of Humanity, get to the basement-and control the power that it possesses. As the cannon is fired, Eren bites into his thumb and a skeleton erupts. What we see is a partially formed titan with an outstretched arm that blocked the cannon fire.

Attack on Titan | The Gruesome Truth

Holy. SHIT.

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