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Banshee – S4E3 – Job

Previously on Banshee, ‘The Burden of Beauty’

I was a little worried this episode would be a bunch of torture porn, but Banshee managed to keep the torture to respectable levels by Banshee standards.

Images: Cinemax

Images: Cinemax

For the third week in a row, Carrie proves to be more effective than anyone else when it comes to locating Job, and that’s because she had the good sense to go to Big Au for help. Before you can say, “What took y’all so fucking long?” Big Au has located someone who can lead them to Job. He only requires a small bit of light torturing to get cooperative. The trade for Job comes right on time as he was due to be executed, and it only cost the group all the money they had and damn near all of Job’s captors their lives.

Banshee - S4E3 - Job rescue

Often Job has been the comedic relief on Banshee, but it wasn’t until we had to deal with his absence and the effect it had on Hood and the others that it became clear he’s also the heart of the show. The reunion between Job and Hood was more emotional than I thought it would be with a special nod to Hoon Lee for some amazing work. Now, it will be very interesting to see how he adjusts to having a “normal” life again, and how his imprisonment (and how long they took to find him) will affect the group’s friendship.

The storyline between Kurt and Calvin continues to be the least interesting part of the final season. An ex-Nazi skinhead turned cop should have a better story than sleeping with his brother’s wife and figuring out how to get his brother out of the Aryan life. That said, how Calvin’s leader, Watts, plays into Proctor’s affairs looks promising. When Calvin visits Watts in prison, he’s scolded for causing trouble with Proctor (filming the porn in Banshee) and even though he promises to act right, I suspect he’ll be facing off against Proctor sooner than later.

Speaking of Proctor, his finding a young homeless girl who looks eerily like Rebecca was a bit corny. He brings her home, gives her Rebecca’s room and clothes, and then beats her up when he discovers her trying to make off with his valuables in the morning. This feels like something to make us question whether he murdered Rebecca rather than something Proctor would actually do while mourning.

Under pressure from Rebecca’s parents to get her body released, Brock lights a fire under the coroner’s ass. This leads to the discovery most of us suspected from the season premiere: Rebecca was pregnant. And Brock is pretty sure the father is Hood, because he arrests him for her murder.

Banshee - S4E3 - Hood arrested

Of course, we know Hood is innocent and not just because, duh, it’s Hood, but because we see another woman attacked by the killer in a parking lot at the episode’s end – unless Rebecca wasn’t murdered by the same serial killer. Your head hurt yet?

In the Banshee Files

  • Nina Cruz figures out that everyone Proctor has the D.A. release has been beaten up by the vigilante. He agrees to pay her more if she can find this person and bring them to heel. Considering she and Carrie have an intense standoff when Hood is arrested, and she’s the vigilante Nina is looking for, I’m guessing we’ll have a kickass fight between these two by series end.
  • I’m guessing the coroner matched the blood found in Rebecca’s car in order to determine paternity. Doesn’t seem like Brock would arrest Hood for anything less. Surely Hood’s real identity will come out now, no?
  • One of the reasons I fell in love with this show was its ability to find new ways to show action. Among my favorites are the side of the freeway fight in which I was sure Hood would be flattened by a passing tractor trailer and last season’s POV escape that made it feel like the viewer was in a video game. This episode had a great foot chase through the streets, a train station, a train, and back onto the streets again. It was one continuous shot and it was pretty badass. This show must have one of the best stunt teams in the business, and kudos to the director.

Banshee S4E3 - Nina and Proctor

Banshee S4E3 = 9.5/10
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