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Banshee – S4E6 – Only One Way a Dogfight Ends

Previously on Banshee, “A Little Late to Grow a Pair”

Images: Cinemax

Images: Cinemax

While I’m still enjoying this season of Banshee, I’m not sure I like it as a final season with only 8 episodes to offer. The murder of Rebecca was a bold way to go, but after episode 3 or 4, it no longer feels as though we’ll get a satisfactory ending. I hope I’m wrong because Rebecca deserves better. Hood is committed to catching her murderer, but I don’t get the feeling it’s about her. When he almost has sex with Agent Dawson, it’s Siobhan’s memory which stops him. I never assumes that Hood was in love with Rebecca, but this (and his breakdown in Dawson’s arms later) feels out of place when we only have two episodes left and so much to tie up.

This week, Rebecca was finally laid to rest, but in secret. Proctor has Burton bury her remains in an unmarked grave out in the middle of nowhere. How petty of him – now he’ll be the only person in her family able to visit and grieve.

If the brotherhood takes issue with Calvin’s coup, we aren’t privy to it. Two members seem supportive enough when they accompany Calvin to threaten Proctor in his own office, leaving Watts’ head on his desk to drive home their point: They are no longer in business with Proctor, and he needs to give up his dealings and leave town. There’s one thing I’m convinced we’ll be seeing at the end of this series and that’s Calvin’s violent death at the hands of Proctor or Burton. Maybe both.

And no tears will be shed for the man who raped his wife with her father’s blood on his naked body. This leads her to the police station where she tells Kurt what she suspects he’s done. True to his word to help Kurt bring down the brotherhood the right way, Brock offers up his house as a safe place for her and her son. Instead of playing dumb when Calvin comes looking for his wife, Kurt makes it clear he knows where she is, but he’s not telling. Okay, so maybe Kurt will be the one to kill Calvin.

Banshee - S4E6

Hood works with Dawson as they get closer to identifying the serial killer – his name is Declan and he’s heavily into body modification, hence the devil horns on his forehead. While they’re tracking him, he’s sending a message to Brock in response to the press conference from last week. First, he has one of his followers (the poor girl from the final minutes of last week’s episode) set herself on fire in the police station. Then he attacks Brock, letting him know he can get to him any time he wants. Later, Dawson knocks on the wrong door in her pursuit of Declan and ends up chained in his murder room for her troubles.

The episode’s main action promises to stop Carrie’s vigilante activities. Cruz tells Proctor what Carrie’s been up to and he threatens her. When it’s clear she’s not going to stop, he sends Cruz and men to her house. Unfortunately, Deva is visiting when they arrive. When the smoke clears, Cruz gets away, Carrie and Job have killed several of the intruders, but Deva is forced to kill one as well. Carrie doesn’t need Hood’s scolding. She feels bad enough that her actions could have cost their daughter her life. Does she feel bad enough to stop? We’ll see.

Banshee - S4E6 - Deva and Hood

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