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Banshee – S4E7 – Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself

Previously on Banshee, “Only One Way a Dogfight Ends”

I am so confused and disappointed by how this final season of Banshee has progressed. Yes, they only had eight episodes, but everything feels so rushed, and, at times, pointless.

Rebecca was a such a complex character and her murder should have been dealt with in a manner befitting a major character since the beginning. Considering how many times the camera focused on her corpse in the premiere alone, you would think her death would be one of the main storylines this season. But the investigation quickly became disconnected from anyone we really care about. It was interesting when we learned Hood had gotten her pregnant, but just as quickly as he was told, he seemed to have forgotten. When her killer (presumably), is killed at the end of this episode, Rebecca’s face briefly flashes in Hood’s mind. That’s it. I’m seriously hoping that this horned freak wasn’t her killer. Please let her death be more interesting than that.

The road to finally catching Declan was also cluttered with useless distractions. While I love Eliza Dushku, her character here is completely unnecessary. I don’t care that she’s an addict, and I don’t care that she was almost killed by Declan this week. Why is she here?

Images: Cinemax

Images: Cinemax

This episode wasn’t without its highlights, though. Trapped and tied up in Declan’s basement, Hood and Brock finally have it out. Hood’s confession that he’s not a cop and that he stole the real Hood’s identity was a long time coming and Antony Starr did not disappoint. Kudos, also, to Matt Servitto. He perfectly played Brock’s disbelief and anger. Brock has always thought Hood was a crappy cop and now he knows why. In turn, Hood finally admits that he liked being a cop and that’s why he kept at the charade. We do not, however, get to learn Hood’s real name because they are interrupted before he can answer when Brock demands it.

Banshee - S4E7 - JobAnother great development was The Return of Job, fierce eyeshadow and all. He sets up the hacker who sold him out, giving him all of Job’s credentials and leading a trail of all of Job’s crimes right to his door. I kinda wanted him to shoot the guy in the kneecap, but I’m petty and I hold grudges.

For the first time all series, Proctor appears to be shaken. Calvin has stolen his drugs, which will put Proctor in a bad position with the cartel. As retaliation, Burton takes out a room of skinheads in the time it takes the camera to pan around the room. And I love me some crazy-ass Burton moments, but one this episode was a complete letdown. In the cold open, he murders Nina Cruz in her shower. If I had known the mini brawl between her Carrie was to be the only one we’d get, I’d have savored it more. Speaking of Carrie, her therapist actually encourages her to finish what she’s started so she can finally let go of the past and be a good mother. Only in Banshee will your therapist tell you to keep Batman’ing it up at night.

Going into the finale, the stakes are pretty high for Proctor as he has to wipe out the Aryans and get his drugs back before the cartel relieves him of his tongue and his life. Hood now has to deal with the fact that Brock knows his secret, but what will he do about it? Carrie’s also gunning for Proctor. And Calvin has finally snapped, beaten his boss, and walked through the office letting his Nazi freak flag fly.

At this point, I’m not sure what I want to happen in the finale, but I know I’ll be watching and hoping for the best.

If you want to hang out with me during next week’s series finale, check out GabBox. I hosted a live chat last night during this episode and it was a lot of fun. I’ll be doing it with a few other shows next week including Game of Thrones and The Flash. Make sure you follow me on Twitter and GabBox so you don’t miss my live Gabs!

Banshee S4E7 = 7.6/10
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