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Bates Motel – S3E3 – Persuasion

Previously on Bates Motel, ‘The Arcanum Club’

Bates Motel - S3E3Back to Business

Norma goes to the morgue to ID the body found in the water. After getting all up in the corpse’s face, Norma says it’s not Anika. Then she throws up in the car. When she gets home, Norman has been waiting anxiously to find out what happened. She informs him it’s not Anika, and it’s not their problem. Stay out of it, Norman.

She just wants to feel normal and right now, not many things in her life are normal. Norma is going back to school that day and she’s scared. That doesn’t stop her from being completely read to the professor – before knowing he’s the professor – before realizing she’s in the wrong classroom.

Emma is getting tarted up to go to work, and she looks amazing. She comes strutting up as Anika’s car is being towed. Norman notices, tells her she looks good, but I’m not sure he noticed in the way she wanted him to. Poor Emma.

Sex Parties vs. Drug Wars

Sheriff Romero meets with Bob Harris, the host of the sex party from the other evening. He questions him about the dead girl found in the water, but Bob says he has no idea. He also warns Romero that no one will care about his sex parties when they’re compared to letting the town erupt in a drug war which led to the DEA burning down the town’s main source of commerce. Romero will be up for reelection and Bob’s threat is clear. Romero won’t back down though.

Speaking of drugs, Dylan refuses money from his father even though he could use it to buy the proper wood for his grow house. Later, Caleb buys the wood anyway, which pisses Dylan off – but Caleb talks him into accepting it.

“I think one of us has a problem, and I’m sick of the assumption being that it’s me.” – Norman Bates

Romero arrives at the motel wanting to speak to Norman about Anika and the last time he saw her. Norma tries to downplay their interaction, hoping Romero will leave Norman out it, but Norman appears and wants to answer his questions.

Norman handles dismissing Norma and Romero’s questions with a confidence I’ve not seen before. Romero notes that women seem to trust Norman. Well, Norman likes women – maybe because he’s always been so close to his mother. Geez. Romero shows him a picture of the dead girl, but Norman doesn’t know her. He’s never heard of Bob Harris or The Arcanum Club either.

When Romero leaves, Norman pieces it all together: How Norma went to the party looking for Anika, ran into Romero, and told him that Norman was the last person to see Anika, even though he says he wasn’t. She insists she met a friend at that bar and was alive when he left her. He’s not the problem, he says.

Secret Club of the Damaged

A marijuana delivery for Dylan arrives at the motel and Emma drives it up to his property. This results in three awkward exchanges: 1. Emma sees Gunner again 2. Emma and Dylan have this weird chemistry going and I wasn’t sure if it was a bit flirtatious on his part and 3. Emma meets Caleb. I don’t remember if she knows what Caleb did to Norma when they were kids, but Emma certainly seemed uncomfortable around him. Dylan over explaining Caleb’s presence didn’t help.

Norma is approached by the psychology professor she insulted before and he gently suggests she speak to someone about whatever it is she’s holding onto inside. At first, she tosses his business card after he walks away, but she grabs it before driving off.

The missing girl is identified as a high-end call girl from Portland. Romero has little time to process this information because he’s paid a visit by Marcus Young, an out-of-towner running for sheriff. Romero tolerates little small talk and explicitly tells him he won’t be the new sheriff.

Bates Motel - S3E3 - Sheriff Romero

Mommy Knows Best

Norman tries explaining to Emma what’s going on with him and his mother. Norma treats him like he did something bad when he’s sure he didn’t, but her constant doubt is making him second guess himself. He blows up at Emma and later Norma. Alone in the bathroom, Norma appears to him and suggests he get under the water in the tub to clear his mind and maybe he’ll remember if he killed Anika. So, he does, and almost drowns until Norma kicks the door in. She tucks him into bed and he admits he doesn’t know if he killed Anika or not.

Bates Motel - S3E3 - Norman Gets Tucked In

While closing up the office, Norma has a breakdown. She has no idea what to do with Norman. Get the boy some therapy and meds!

A car pulls up. It’s Anika! She’s alive… for now. She collapses in Norma’s arms. She’s been shot in the stomach. She hands Norma a bloody thumb drive and tells her to use it. It’s important. She should use it for her and her son.

Bate Motel - S3E3 - Anika Dies

Score | 8/10Overall Thoughts & Questions:
  • Marcus Young could be a problem. He seems like the type who will play the game in order to get along. The very thing Romero won’t do anymore and what’s likely to lose him some high-power support come election time.
  • What do you want to bet whatever’s on that thumb drive affects Bob Harris?
  • At least Norman hasn’t killed anyone… else. He hasn’t killed anyone else. Yet.


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