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Bates Motel – S3E9 – Crazy

Previously on Bates Motel, ‘The Pit’

“I don’t want to be dead anymore. I want to come home.” 

Norman is shocked to find Bradley standing in the middle of the road. He asks why she’s there and the TL;DR answer: her life sucks and she wants to come home. He agrees to hide her.

A Pit of Your Own Making

Norma pays Bob a late-night visit and offers him the flash drive in exchange for forgetting everything he thinks he knows about Norman. He informs her she no longer calls the shots, and that Romero now sees through her. He accuses Norma of wrapping Romero around her finger. She may be worse than him in the terrible person category.

Caleb confronts Chick about their setup. Chick counters Caleb could be lying. Maybe he sold the guns to someone in the states and made up that story. Caleb just wants the $25,000. Chick pulls a gun instead and Caleb beats the shit out of him. He warns Chick he’ll kill him if he hurts Dylan.

“I Don’t Think You Can Help”

It’s nighttime when Dylan arrives at the motel. One look at the hole in the ground and he calls bullshit on the pool. Emma asks about his trip and offers to help with the money when he says it didn’t go well. She can’t help him, he says, then excuses himself to shower because he smells like three-day road trip.

Norma storms into the police station and demands Romero return the flash drive. He pulls her to a quiet hallway and says he’s taking care of everything – she’s no longer entitled to know what that means. They’re done talking… about everything. Ice cold, Romero. Ice cold.

Norman hides Bradley in one of the motel rooms. She wants her mother to know she’s alive, but she asks Norman to do it. He has this quality where he can convince people he’s innocent. Yeah, when he’s not making crazy eyes.

Bates Motel S3E9 - Bradley and Norma

Dylan finds Caleb at the farm with $50,000 in cash. He swears he didn’t kill Chick, but he’ll be bringing the heat soon so Caleb is going to split. Dylan worries Caleb will be gone for good, for real, but Caleb promises he’ll just be laying low.

“You Are the First Thing I Think About When I Wake Up in the Morning” 

Norma is clearing out all of Norman’s taxidermy equipment in the basement and he’s furious about it. She’s worried about how it will look if people come sniffing around based on Bob’s accusations. Norman picks up a knife and gets in Norma’s face. He wonders if maybe she killed his father. It’s chilling, and Norma should act accordingly, but Norma is Norma. You can see her brush aside her fears and instead she lashes out and accuses him of saying that just to hurt her. She forbids him from leaving the house until she knows they’re safe. Then she continues to trash all of his stuffed creatures.

Anything For the Girl

Of course, Norman leaves the house to take Bradley to her mother’s house. They watch as her mother and her mother’s new husband leave for work, then Bradley uses a hidden key to enter the home. Everything in the house is changed, including Bradley’s room, which is now a home gym. I’m not sure why she’s so butthurt. She convinced her mother she’s dead. 

“Is there something wrong with you, Norman?” – Bradley

Dylan gives Emma’s dad the $50,000 and turns down his offer of paying it back. He just wants his assurance Emma won’t know the money came from him. Then Dylan chats with Emma in her room about how bad he feels now that Caleb is gone. She admits she knows Caleb is his father and says it’s totally understandable he’d miss him.

Norman tells Bradley he needs to get back home before Norma worries. He says she doesn’t like him leaving the house because she thinks there’s something wrong with him, and he admits there is.

I’ve Got My Eye on You

A special federal investigator questions Romero about the flash drive. Did I miss something? When did the feds get involved? She notes his mother’s name in the ledger, but he explains it was a way for his father to still get his cut of the money after he’d gone to jail. She also questions why the town elected him sheriff when his father was convicted. They’re two different people, and they’re not close, he says. She wonders how he managed to be sheriff for so long without knowing about the town’s illegal activities. Not really a question; she basically wants him to know she thinks he’s shady as fuck.

“I Hate You, Too. So What?”

Romero catches Norma going through his house. Thinking she’s a burglar, he pulls his gun. She tells him to put it away because it’s not like he’s actually going to shoot her. Then she proceeds to look through his things like he’s not standing there. God, I love Norma. He tells her he gave the flash drive to the DEA and she’s just as shocked as I was earlier. He’s done with the town, the criminals, everything. She feels betrayed. Bob will look into her husband’s death just to be petty.

She tries to leave and he slams her against the wall. He demands to know the truth about her husband’s death. At first she claims she did it, but finally tells him he knows what happened and begs him not to make her say it. Then she lashes out, hitting him and screaming. He calms her down, and they almost kiss, but she leaves.

Bates Motel S3E9 - Norma and Caleb

Back at the motel, Norma starts to fill the pit, screaming and crying. That’s where Caleb finds her. He says he’s leaving town, but wants to tell her something about Norman – about how he came to Caleb’s motel room last year and yelled at him for raping him. Well, not him, but Norma. Norman thought he was Norma. She whispers nothing is wrong with her son, but Caleb correctly points out Norma never likes looking at the truth. Norman is going to hurt someone and he hopes it’s not her.

Score | 9/10Norman brings Bradley dinner, but she wants more. They start to make out, but Norman sees Norma sitting near the bed, talking to him. Talk about a boner killer.

He rushes out and sees Norma by the office. She tells him they have enough trouble right now. They don’t need more. He apologizes and they walk to the house arm in arm. Well, not really. Cause she’s not truly there.

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