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Bates Motel – S4E1 – A Danger to Himself and Others

Previously on Bates Motel

Norma’s main problem is that she’ll do anything for her children, except the things they need most – like getting Norman psychiatric help. When Norman is admitted to a mental facility on a mandatory 24-hour hold (after being found talking to himself in the woods), Norma finally realizes she has to get her son help or she’ll lose him forever.

Unfortunately, she can’t afford Pine View, and even if she could, their waiting list is long. In a highly cringeworthy moment, Norma tries offering up sexual favors to one of Pine View’s handsome doctors, but he’s gay. She finally admits that she just desperately needs help for Norman. The facility he’s currently in will keep him if she doesn’t find proper medical care, and that place is nowhere near as nice as Pine View. He agrees to see Norman once he’s released.

Dylan heads to Portland to be there for Emma’s lung transplant, but he’s not the only one. Emma’s estranged mother arrives and her ex promptly tells her to leave. She makes her way to Norma’s door, asking for a room. She eventually admits who she is, and begs Norma to pass a letter to her daughter. Norma refuses several times and warns her to leave Norman alone as well.

Images: A&E

Images: A&E

Desperate, Norma makes Romero an offer: She’ll marry him for his health insurance for Norman. Okay, so that’s not really so much a deal for him, but does throw in sex. He declines. He’s not in the mood – having just murdered Bob Paris and sunk his body in the ocean.

Emma’s mother doesn’t listen and heads to the house to talk to Norman. He’s in full Norma mode so he invites her in, serves her tea, listens as she talks about her regrets with Emma, and then he scolds her for being a bad mother and chokes her to death.

Bates Motel S4E1
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Overall Thoughts

I’m pleasantly surprised that Norma is getting serious about finding a doctor for Norman. After the doctors at the facility shamed her for not doing it sooner, I was worried she’d allow her pride to get the best of her and refuse to get him help. She was truly moved by Emma’s mother’s dilemma, and though she refused to help, it seemed as though that also motivated her to help her son.

Now that Norma knows Bradley didn’t commit suicide, Norman’s dreams about her bashing Bradley’s head in were cause for alarm. I wonder if she’ll venture out to where Norman was found and piece it all together. And I’m curious to see how long it takes before she learns about Emma’s mother.

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