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Bates Motel – S4E3 – ‘Til Death Do You Part

Previously on Bates Motel, ‘Goodnight, Mother’

Romero keeps his word and marries Norma in a hilariously awkward civil ceremony. He’s a lot better than Norma at selling their marriage is real – his job is on the line, after all – and moves into her house to keep up appearances.

Images: A&E

Images: A&E

The newlyweds spend the majority of the episode denying what everyone else has known since forever: they want each other. Whether it’s sitting in a dimly lit restaurant and trading Who Has Worst Luck in Marriage stories or watching true newlyweds canoodle in the courthouse lobby, these two have such incredible chemistry.

Dylan points out that a man doesn’t marry a woman just to be nice and reminds his mother that she could do a lot worse. Perhaps Dylan’s inspired by his own romantic fortune. Now that Emma is recuperating nicely, he starts making moves to get out of the drug game as her father advised. Too bad Chick is now back and being as creepy and threatening as ever.

Romero has his own dark cloud hanging over his head as he breaks up with someone he’d been seeing casually, Rebecca Hamilton (Jaime Ray Newton). She appears to take the news of his new marital status well, but then immediately brings up the fact that Bob Paris’ disappearance puts her in a tough spot since she was laundering his money. How much does she know and could she make trouble for Romero? He seems to think so because he moves the hidden cash from his house to Norma’s.

Meanwhile, Norman finally accepts Dr. Gregg Edwards’ (Damon Gupton) attempts at helping him, but says his mother is the one with the problem. Considering how angry Norman clearly is, I’m not sure why Dr. Edwards thought it was a good idea to allow Norma to see him. Predictably, Norman lashes out and accuses Norma of abandoning him to cover up her own crimes.

This sends Norma directly (and finally) into Romero’s arms and bed. Well, technically Norma’s bed.

Bates Motel - Norman - S4E3

Bates Motel S4E3
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I’m not sure Norma has made it clear to Dr. Edwards that part of Norman’s blackouts include him thinking he’s her. Without that information I wonder if Dr. Edwards will believe or entertain Norman’s confession that his mother has killed people.

Dylan continues to be so ridiculously likable that I am sure something terrible will happen to him at any time, every episode.

Freddie Highmore continues to turn in an absolutely frightening portrayal of Norman, who truly believes he’s been betrayed by his mother. He delivers his lines with equal parts murderous intent and juvenile petulance.

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