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Bates Motel – S4E5 – Refraction

Previously on Bates Motel, ‘Lights of Winter’

Oh, this show. Whenever there’s positive progress, I just brace myself for the vicious snap back. This episode didn’t deliver them, but definitely planted seeds for the trouble ahead.

Norman goes along with his therapy sessions with Dr. Edwards just to earn a phone call to check on Emma. Instead, he uses the call to leave a message for Norma and apologizes for his behavior. The two have a warm reunion when Norma comes to visit. Except Norman learns in his next session that Norma never came to the hospital. When confronted with this by Dr. Edwards, Norman turns into Norma, allowing Edwards to see the extent of Norman’s illness for the first time.

Images: A&E Networks

Images: A&E Networks

Romero continues to be a different person with Norma and it was wonderful to see the two open up and be honest. He admits that the break-in was most likely directed at him and promises to take care of it. His warnings to Rebecca fall on deaf ears, though, as she claims she had nothing to do with it, and later shows up outside the police station to lament their failed relationship.

I’m still not convinced she’s not working with the agent who called Romero asking about Bob Paris. Every time she asks him about the key to the safety deposit box or killing Paris, I worry he’s going to admit something he shouldn’t. However, it was a good sign for their relationship that he admits what he did to Norma. As bad as things are about to get, they can only be worse if Norma and Romero are at odds.


And it looks as though Norma is going to need Romero on her side. Chick poses as a window repairman to get inside the Bates home. When Norma refers to Caleb as her brother, he pieces together the rape and asks her to help him find Caleb for some revenge. If Norma goes through with it, it’s a terrible time for Caleb to re-enter the picture. Dylan and Emma are together, she’s healing, and he got a new (legitimate) job.

Like I said, trouble ahead.

Bates Motel S4E5 = 9/10
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4 Comments on Bates Motel – S4E5 – Refraction

  1. I want Norma to get her happily ever after!

    • Can you remind me what Caleb did to Chick last season? Didn’t it have something to with a job he and Dylan did for Chick? I can’t remember.

    • Dylan and Caleb went to sell guns for Chick, but since all the guys Chick sells to are in prison, the guys they met decided to take the guns and kill Chick. That’s why Chick sent them because he suspected it was a setup. Caleb killed one of the guys and the other got away with the guns. Chick then accused Caleb of selling the guns and keeping the money and refused to pay him so Caleb beat him up and took the money. That’s how Dylan had the cash to pay for Emma’s surgery. Now, Chick is saying it’s Caleb’s fault that his wife and kid left him because Caleb put all his dirty business out in the streets.

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