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Bates Motel – S5E4 – Hidden

Previously on Bates Motel, “Bad Blood”

Breaking up is hard to do; just ask Norman. He tries to pump the brakes on his and Chick’s bromance – this after Chick failed to pump the brakes fast enough to avoid hitting and killing Caleb. Chick gave the body a Vikings’ sendoff. Chick fixed Norman’s window. Chick made dinner and bought groceries to prepare even more delicious meals for Norman and his not-really-there mother. Chick will not be ignored.

That dealt with, Norman gives Madeleine a bunch of Norma’s old clothes, because that’s not creepy at all. If it makes Madeleine uneasy, she gets over it quickly enough and invites Norman over for dinner. Because Norman understands he will most likely kill this woman, he makes it a point to explain to Norma that he will not stay away from her. And he wants to make it clear that he’s not at all telling Norma it’s okay to kill her in any way, shape, or form. Of course, while making out with Madeleine in her kitchen, he has a vision of Norma appearing and slitting Madeleine’s throat.

Images: A&E

Images: A&E

Romero is still on the run, but now sporting a fresh bullet wound for trespassing. After stealing medical supplies, he patches himself up and arrives on the doorstep of someone named Maggie (Jillian Fargey). Meanwhile, White Pine Bay’s new sheriff, Jane Greene (Brooke Smith), pays Norman a visit when she learns a missing man from out of town had Norman’s address written down in his apartment. He has another bizarre connection to Norman: He was one of Romero’s prison mates. She doesn’t buy Norman’s “golly gee” act, and he suspects as much. He later confronts Norma about the missing man’s car, and the two head off to where she hid it in the woods.

They argue and Norman chokes Norma to death. Since his mind couldn’t accept her real death, he doesn’t accept this one either and she gasps back to life, warning him not to try anything like that again. He’s forced to return to Chick with his tail between his legs, as he’s sure Chick knows of the proper way to dispose of a car.

Well, he’s not wrong.


Checking In

I really like the new sheriff. She’s smart and capable, and the perfect foil for Norman in this final season.

Next week: Marion Crane (Rihanna)!

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