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Battle of the Female Badasses: Emma Frost vs. Storm

Our next matchup in the first round of the comics bracket features, yet again, two women of the Marvel Universe. Which one will go up against Rogue in round 2?

Emma Frost vs. Storm

Emma Frost – Emma Frost is the former White Queen of the Hellfire club, sporting telepathy and turning into a diamond-like state that is invulnerable to almost all forms of harm as her mutant abilities. She is as deadly as she is stunningly beautiful, boasting skills in multiple fields of science and combat training. She’s no pushover, having battled the X-MEN before joining their ranks.

Emma Frost

Storm – Storm (Ororo Munroe) has been many things during her life; orphan, thief, goddess, hero, and during the last few years, the Black Panther’s wife and Queen of Wakanda. But she is and always will be one of the most reliable and powerful X-MEN. Her mutant ability gives her control over all aspects of the weather. She can create hurricanes and tornadoes, cause blizzards and hurl lightening bolts. She flies on currents of air. Her own emotions can affect the weather around her, and she has to be constantly careful lest she cause inadvertent harm. Storm has gone through many changes during her time with the X-MEN, including a period when she was powerless and another when she sported a punk leather look with her luxurious white hair shaved into a mohawk. In recent months T’Challa annulled his marriage to Ororo, and the stately, exquisite, and wise “Windrider” is currently back with the X-MEN as a teacher, warrior, and leader.


The poll is open now and closes on Saturday, June 22nd at 12pm PST. You can vote here on our Facebook page, once a day until the poll closes.


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