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Battle of the Female Badasses: River Song vs. Sydney Bristow

That last match was as bloody as The Red Wedding with River Tam soundly beating vampire Pam. River goes on to face Veronica Mars in round two of the TV match-ups.

We’ve been reading your emails lamenting the fact that some of your favorites were not included. When we made the brackets we included our favorite and most influential heroines in each category, and of course, we couldn’t include everyone or it wouldn’t end! What we have decided to do is include a wildcard round of the top five write-in requests. That person will go up against our ultimate victor. For our next tournament in the fall, we’ll make sure to get your input before making the brackets.




Now, let’s meet our next contenders.

River Song – The mysterious woman who keeps popping up in the Doctor’s life on Doctor Who. She’s a time-traveler skilled in weapons, hand-to-hand combat and… archeology. When we first meet River, we have no idea what her relationship is to the Doctor (spoilers!), but we know it’s pretty damn important. With a mane of curly hair as wild as her spirit, and a hint of mystery behind her eyes, River Song is one of the most formidable women in any galaxy.

River Song

Sydney Bristow – Graduate student by day and international spy by night, Alias’ Sydney Bristow’s life is full of secrets that she’s trying to keep from those closest to her. After an awful tragedy, Sydney’s already complicated life turns upside down and the list of people she’s not sure she can trust continues to get longer. Don’t let the small frame fool you; she’s an ass-kicking dynamo who was escaping being tied to a chair long before Black Widow came along. What will fool you, though, is the many disguises she dons to undercover in the most dangerous of situations.

Sydney Bristow

Who’s your favorite badass? Go to our Facebook page to vote. Polls close on Saturday, June 8th at 12pm PST.

Female-Badass-bracket-Tam-won(Click to make even bigger!)

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