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Battle of the Female Badasses: Rogue vs. Veronica Mars

We’ve reached the final four and it’s up to you to decide who moves on to the last matchup: Rogue or Veronica Mars? You can vote once a day per Facebook account. Poll closes on Saturday 7/27 at 9am PST. Vote here!



Hermione’s “Expelliarmus!” seems unstoppable, as she continued her winning ways against Katniss Everdeen. Here’s a look at how the bracket is shaping up:

Female-Badass-bracket-Hermione-beat-Katniss(click to embiggen)

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1 Comment on Battle of the Female Badasses: Rogue vs. Veronica Mars

  1. There are obviously more Veronica Mars fans than there are Rogue fans. I am still not convinced that Rogue would actually lose. Perhaps this match up should go to Deadliest Warrior for some real results. Anyone have a probability calculator for this one?
    Anyway, it’s still early but congratulations to VM for this round. Her fans are true to the end.

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