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Battle of the Female Badasses: Vampire Pam vs. River Tam

Yes, we’re totally aware that rhymes.

Thanks to everyone who voted in our first matchup. The clear winner was the kickass private eye, Veronica Mars. Can’t wait to see who she’ll be squaring off with next.

But before we get to that, two things of note: 1. There’s been some mention of the fact that the tournament isn’t seeded. I (Nina) will take the blame for that. John tried to explain seeding to me and while I’m not ignorant to all things sports-related, the inner workings of a seeded tournament made my eyes glaze over and my head hurt. There may have also been drool. We plan on doing fun tournaments like this every season so we’ll make sure to have them seeded from now on. 2. This isn’t about who would win in a fight. Well, it can be. But it can also be about who most encompasses your definition of a badass, who also just happens to be a woman. It can be about you voting for whomever you want, for whatever reason. That’s what makes being a part of fandoms so great. You just love what you love and you don’t have to justify it to any.damn.body. Especially us. We get it. So, have fun!

OK. Now, we’re getting down to business. Who will Veronica Mars face off with in Round 2 of the TV tournament? Let’s find out.

Vampire Pam and River Tam

Pam Swynford de Beaufort – Armed in a corset and 5-inch stilettos, Pam’s fashion sense is as sharp as her tongue. She has spent more than 100 years as a fierce and devoted companion to the vampire Eric Northman. As quick to rip out your throat as she is to serve you a stiff drink with a side of sarcasm, Pam is a force to be reckoned with. While her concerns are those that will be to her benefit, you may catch a glimmer of sweetness when she lets her guard down. Her disdain for Sookie and her magic sn@&$! is the stuff of legends. She fights for common sense and is guided by her non-beating heart.

Pam True Blood

River Tam – River Tam is our favorite semi-catatonic heroine. A former child genius damaged and enhanced by secret government experiments to create a perfect assassin, freed by her brother Simon and now hunted by the Alliance, River is possessed of psychic abilities and advanced hand-to-hand combat techniques that surface in unexpected ways in tense situations. Although River straddles the line between sanity and insanity, and can slip into catatonia at any time, her affection for the crew of Serenity — her new “family” — appears to be helping her regain a certain level of self-control.

River Tam

Go vote on our Facebook page! You have until Thursday, June 6th at 12 noon PST. You can vote once a day until the poll closes.

Female Badass Tournament Bracket Mars Won

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