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Battle of the Female Badasses: Veronica Mars vs. Buffy Summers

If there’s one thing members of fandoms love, it’s arguing over who would win in a fight. Wonder Woman vs. Xena? Ripley vs. Sarah Connor? *Batman vs. Superman?

We thought it might be fun to put some of this to rest once and for all. Or at the very least, for the summer. So, strictly for shits and giggles we’ve put together a March Madness-style tournament: Battle of the Female Badasses. All summer long you can vote in a badass match up in four categories: TV, movies, books, and comics. When voting, just ask yourself, “Who’s the bigger badass?”

Who will be left standing at the end of the season?

We’re gonna kick things off with the TV seeds, starting with Buffy Summers vs. Veronica Mars. You can head on over to our Facebook page to vote once per day until June 4th. Make sure you vote and share with your friends. You can’t complain about the winner if you don’t exercise your civic duty, ProFans!



Now, a little about our first contenders:

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars – When Veronica Mars’ best friend is killed, her life falls apart. It soon becomes the entire town of Neptune against Veronica and her father, the ex-sheriff.  The sharp-tongued, quick-witted teen sleuth sets about finding the murderer while assisting her father at his detective agency. Even though she’s gone from popular cheerleader with the perfect boyfriend to town outcast with questionable new associates, Veronica never loses sight of who she is and what’s important.


Buffy Summers – The life of a vampire slayer is pretty rough: slaying the undead, fighting demons, and then there’s that one time she battled a god. And we can’t forget her toughest challenge of all: high school. Buffy never went up against the forces of evil alone. Her trusted Scooby Gang were always by her side.. except for the time one of them turned into an evil witch, but for the most part, she had backup. When she wasn’t falling for a vampire… or two… Buffy was putting them down with the strength and skill bestowed upon a Slayer from the powers that be.





Female-Badass-bracket-white (Click to embiggen)

 *Superman. Always Superman.

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