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Being Human – S3E13 – Ruh Roh

Previously on Being Human, Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive

Note: When I ended last week’s episode recap with ‘Rut Roh,” I had no idea what the name of this week’s season finale was. The name is oh-so-fitting, though. Read on for the spoilery recap!

We pick up where last week left off: Liam is outside Nora and Josh’s honeymoon cabin. Josh comes outside and instructs Liam to leave. Liam pulls a gun and says that they need to come with him if they want to save the lives of humans. He knows something about the vampire blood cure that ain’t right. Welp. Honeymoon’s over.

Being Human Nora and JoshBack at the house, Aidan is trying to get rid of Cat because, you know, rotting corpse upstairs and turning vampire downstairs, but they end up going at it instead because, you know, priorities. Upstairs, Ghost Sally lies down next to Rotting Corpse Sally and apologizes for letting her die.

Being Human Dead Sally

Liam leads Nora and Josh to a warehouse where there’s a pile of bodies: incubating vampire/werewolf hybrids made when vampires feed off werewolves for the cure, but end up turning them instead. They kill without thinking.

Post coitus, Aidan dreams of his life when he returned to his wife a vampire. Their son was happy to have him home, but sad that he couldn’t tell anyone his father was back. Sally wakes him up because Kenny is screaming in the basement. Aidan rushes downstairs to find Kenny looking about ten kinds of messed up. He wants to know what Aidan did to him.

At the warehouse, the discussion has turned to whether or not Liam, Nora, and Josh can be one happy wolf family. I’m not sure why this is now the time for such a discussion when there’s a pile of incubating hybrids nearby, but okay. Nora and Josh want nothing to do with Liam, who pleads his case by pointing out he’s a pureblood. Things are about to get real intense when Nora decides to blurt out that she killed Liam’s daughter. Yup. That should calm the situation right down.

Kenny drinks a few bags of blood and he looks a little better, right? Am I the only one who thought he looked a little better? Anyway, he’s freaking the fuck out because THIS is not what he had planned for his afterlife as a vampire. Aidan assures him he’s going to find a way to fix it, but Kenny doesn’t believe him. Sally doesn’t help matters when she warns Aidan to not make false promises. And then we hear Cat scream.

She has found Sally’s rotting corpse and is appropriately freaked-the-hell-out. Sally is trying to coach Aidan on what to say, “Tell her I was a shut in. You had no idea I was up here dead.” Aidan panics and delivers the worst explanation in the history of lame-ass explanations: “It’s not what it looks like.” Cat has another appropriate response when she gets the hell out of there. Aidan is suddenly having a very bad day. Aaaaand it’s about to get worse…

FOR SOME REASON, Nora and Josh mention Kenny in front of Liam and Liam realizes that Aidan now has a son he can lose – you know, an eye for an eye since Aidan killed Liam’s son. Liam locks Nora and Josh in with the hybrids – who are waking up – and one measly stake for protection.

As a few of the hybrids wake up, Josh and Nora take them out while arguing over whether or not they’re doing the right thing. Um, yeah. I would say killing them instead of being killed is definitely the right thing. Josh finds a can of gasoline and decides to burn the remaining hybrids before they wake up.

At the house, Aidan notes that Kenny is drinking a lot more blood than he should be and warns that he should pace himself – being of Aidan’s blood means he doesn’t handle over consumption very well. Aidan then flashes back to his son running home in a panic because the people in the town knew that Aidan was alive and thought his mother was a witch who raised the dead.

Aidan confesses to Sally that he turned Cat’s ex out of his need for family. Aidan and Sally are in the middle of some serious kitchen bonding (and I’m bummed because it looks like we’re not going to get the Aidan-Sally hot sex hookup that I’ve been wanting) when suddenly Aidan take a bullet to the head! Liam walks into the kitchen and shoots Aidan a few more times, demanding to know where his son is. When Kenny calls out for Aidan, Liam heads for the basement with Aidan so he can watch him kill his ‘son.’

Being Human US Liam

Sally pleads with Aidan to get up, but he’s wounded pretty badly. Before Liam can stake Kenny, Sally shouts and ignites Liam’s arm in flames temporarily. He drops the stake. Aidan charges and ends up impaled against the wall with a piece of metal. Josh and Nora rush in and Nora is knocked out cold in the fight. Kenny takes advantage of the confusion and begins to feed on Nora. Liam chokes Josh, but Sally appears between them and shouts for Liam to let him go. Surprised, Liam steps back and Aidan grabs him, pulling him into the pipe that he’s impaled on. It’s a vampire werewolf kebob! Liam is finally dead. Josh pulls Kenny off of Nora and begs her to wake up.

When we come back from commercial, all is well… kinda. Nora is alive, but weak, Aidan is drinking blood bags to heal and says he has to find Cat to explain things. Nora points out that Josh didn’t get to kill Liam (his maker) so he definitely turn into a werewolf and will always be werewolf. Josh is okay with that because he has Nora. Aidan meets with the redhead vampire who was going to turn Kenny – why can’t I remember her name? Aidan asks demands that she compel Cat to forget what she saw.

They arrive at Cat’s place and the redhead pretends to be a detective who wants to talk about Aidan. Cat invites her in while Aidan waits outside. And then FOR SOME REASON he walks in and ruins the whole thing. Cat freaks out when she realizes the redhead is with Aidan. Aidan just wants to explain, apparently, and has to grip Cat up to do so. *sigh*

Back from commercial and the redhead is compelling Cat and everything is fine. So, I’m not sure what the hell Aidan busted in for. Later, Aidan walks Kenny out to the woods and it’s all very Sopranos. Kenny suspects he’s not long for this world. Aidan flashes back to his wife being drowned by the townspeople who suspect she’s a witch. Aidan gets there too late and she’s dead, floating in the river. The men start to beat him up and Aidan instructs his son Isaac to run. Then Aidan vamps out and starts snapping necks and ripping out throats. Back in the present, he doesn’t kill Kenny. He tells him to run.

Being Human US Aidan

Nora, Josh, and Aidan bury Sally in her old grave. Aidan doesn’t directly say that he let Kenny go or killed him, just that “he never had a chance.”

Sally is alone in the house when Donna appears and pulls her down into a hole in Sally’s original death spot. That can’t be good.

Aidan is out on a walk and passes a cab pulling up to the curb. HIS WIFE GETS OUT OF THE CAB! What the hell?

Nora awakens in the woods and searches for Josh. Josh appears, but he’s still a wolf! Fade to black as we hear growls and screams.

Well, that’s it for season 3. What did you think?

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