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Being Human – S4E1 – Old Dogs, New Tricks

Previously on Being Human, ‘Ruh Roh’

Three Months Later

While Aidan and Nora are living in a trailer out in the woods trying to deal with Josh’s permanent state of wolfiness, Sally is trapped in some purgatory hell dimension with Donna.

Aidan and Nora have come up with a system of baiting wolf Josh with a ghost so they can trap him in a barn. Turns out, Josh’s condition is reversed. He’s now the wolf all day, every day until the full moon and then he turns into himself. Of course, he and Nora take advantage of the 30 mins he’s human again before she turns to have dirty barn sex. After, Josh shares a drink with Aidan by the fire and tells him (again) that he wants Aidan to kill him. He can’t imagine that either of them are having a life this way. He grabs Aidan’s silver knife to do the job himself.

Lucky for us, Sally tends to forget that she has a habit of turning their true environment into a “happy place” like a spa. So, when Donna has to explain where they really are, again, we get some backstory. Donna says she pulled Sally into this place to stop her from doing more damage to the universe. Making a fake environment helps Sally cope because apparently their true environment is pretty gross and bloody.

Do Over

Okay, Josh was just kidding. He doesn’t want to die. Not really. He tells Aidan to answer Cat’s call and go out and have a life. He’ll figure something out.

Sally figures that if destroying her death spot brought them to this hellish place, destroying Donna’s will get them out. She just has to find it first. After falling through a whirlpool of blood, she lands hanging from the rafter of a super store, but colonial types are yelling at her for being a witch. There’s a brief flash of Donna being the one hanged. Sally manages to land in the store’s parking lot where she does a little happy dance.

Being Human - Season 4 - Sally

Aidan freaks out when he sees his dead wife at a faculty function he’s attending with Cat. She disappears before he can follow her. She shows up next to Cat and makes small talk. Later, Aidan has a dream that he’s boinking Cat when she turns into his wife, Susan. He apologizes about everything that happened to them and she tells him it’s ancient history. Let the boinking commence! Not so fast. Sally’s back and she interrupts his very wet dream.

Reunited… Almost

Sally wants to focus on the positive: Yay! I’m home. Aidan worries that Donna may have been telling the truth and that the other shoe is about to drop.

Aidan and Sally

They head off to the woods so she can see Josh before he turns, but after he switched places with Nora in the cell, he didn’t lock the chains. He’s gone!

Frantic and looking for Josh, Aidan blurts out that Josh wants them to kill him and that’s why he left the cage open. Josh approaches and Aidan refuses to kill him. Before wolf Josh can attack, Sally traps him by fire and Nora manages to shoot him with a tranquilizer.  Then Sally disappears.

Being Human US S4E1

Aidan is surprised to learn that Sapp and Sons is back in business and he warns Blake not to use his hospital as their hunting grounds. Later, Blake meets with her new boss, Kenny. He’s now running the vampires of Boston. He’s looking a lot better – back to normal, really.

Sally stumbles upon some kind of ceremony of chanting women who then stab a little girl tied to a bed. What in the entire hell?

Honey, I’m Home

After some morning sex, Cat drops the I Love You bomb. Aidan doesn’t return the sentiment, but Cat says it’s okay if he’s not ready yet. Hmmm. Seems like she might be waiting awhile because after Cat leaves, Aidan’s dead wife shows up on his doorstep.


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